Butterflies at the Natural History Museum

I’m really trying to blog more often!  I recently trawled through the past year’s posts in order to pull out information for our LEA man and I noticed how much easier it is to get a feel for what we do if I blog every few days.  The devil is in the detail as they say.

We’ve had a full on day today and I’m exhausted!  I was up at 5am and managed to write a blog post before D came down at 7.30am.  We immediately launched into looking at tectonic plates and the Pangaea in our How the World Works book.  This led to watching various YouTube videos about the formation of the moon and black holes.


M came down around 8.30am and immediately got to work on her Rubik’s Cube again.  We decided to take a spontaneous trip to the National History Museum, partly to see the building that they know and love from watching Paddington, and partly to see the butterfly exhibition.

We were in London by 11am, pretty impressive for us!  We all really enjoyed the butterflies. D dredged up some incredible Blue Morpho facts from her Go Diego Go watching days and was so pleased to find them there.


M adored the butterflies but was disappointed she couldn’t touch them.  She was desperate for one to land on her!  D got one on her sleeve and was non too impressed so I passed it over to M on a card and she carried it around with her. 🙂

20150514_111324 20150514_111644

We then went on to the main NHM building – thank goodness we could use our butterfly tickets to jump to the head of the MASSIVE queue.  I think the world and his wife had decided to go to the NHM today.

The girls admired the diplodocus in the entrance hall and remembered lots of parts of the building from Paddington.  We then wandered through the earth section where there was tons of information on tectonic plates, volcanoes and earthquakes.  Great connections for what we’ve been learning about recently.  We even got to experience what an earthquake might feel like.

We then had a very long wait to see the T-Rex robot.  It’s quite impressive but I’m not sure it’s worth the huge queue.


We’d had enough at that point – unfortunately it was far to crowded to enjoy it properly.  We’ll definitely go back again though.  It’s nice to be able to visit a museum and not feel like you have to see the whole thing – we can go as often as we like as it’s under an hour away.

We got home and the girls immediately launched into activities while I lay prone on the sofa with a cup of tea.


2 thoughts on “Butterflies at the Natural History Museum

  1. I do exactly that after a museum trip! So cool that the girls were so familiar with the museum from Paddington. We want to go back to the British Museum after recently seeing the latest Night at the Museum film. I’m still warming up after a soggy morning at Thorpe Park 😐

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