Collage, Tidying and Schools

Trying to keep up with my regular blogging…

D watched Go Diego Go after waking this morning because she wanted to see the Monarch butterfly episode.  After that she wanted to create a rainforest collage (still in progress so no pic yet) and then wanted to paint the inside of her goody bag (but she made sure to put it on her head first).


M had joined us by this point and put another coat on the outside of her goody bag too.  We then had breakfast.  As part of M’s Brownie cook badge, she has to prepare a meal (she made sandwiches and biscuits at Brownies), wash up, and understand how to handle kitchen utensils including knives.  So she washed up her breakfast things but looked utterly disgusted while doing it – I guess washing up isn’t good on a sensory level.

However, that seemed to put her in the mood for some housework so she started tidying up, dusting and sweeping the lounge.  D helped by doing a bit of dusting too.  I haven’t had chance to do it this week (or last!) so it really needed it.  Last night she sneakily tidied the bedroom too – I like this phase. 🙂

They had a quick run around in the garden with J before he went to work and then we watched some Babble Dabble Do videos to get some ideas for a new art project.  I love that website.  I think we might try the salad spinner one next, just need to find a cheap salad spinner somewhere!

After that we got dressed (after all, it was midday), I threw a load of food into a bag and we went off to our social/activities group, Curious Minds.  We haven’t been for ages so it was lovely to be back.  The girls began by doing some collages but then they made friends with two other girls and spent the rest of the time playing with them.  I chatted to a few Mums I hadn’t met before too so that was nice for me!

We got back a few hours later and the girls watched Cat in the Hat.  M did her Rubik’s Cube while she watched – she is now able to solve two-thirds of it without instructions!

I painted D’s nails and she watched Sarah and Duck while M did her new favourite balancing act on the sofa.


You would think it was time to start winding down now, but no – D disappeared off to find some long-lost soft toys and came back announcing that she wanted to play schools!  By this time, M was FaceTiming her cousin A in Nottingham.  So A acted teacher for a while, asking the bunnies some maths questions.

The bunnies figuring out division.
The bunnies figuring out division.



A and M then decided to visit each other in Animal Crossing.  M has been really missing her cousin lately so it’s lovely that they are able to connect like this when they’re apart.


Meanwhile, D wanted me to ask her some spellings.  Her reward for correct answers was an ‘ass-shake’ (her bum, not mine) which had her in fits of giggles and asking for more.

I was then called on to help A in Animal Crossing so D asked to watch a Numberjacks DVD.

And then it was time for bed!  Phew!

They’re still bursting with energy – J has just come home and I can hear lots of thuds, shrieks and giggles coming from upstairs.  I’m knackered!


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