The Library, Housework and Eyebombing

So we did make it out to the library yesterday… but it was closed.  Gah!  So annoying.  Ah well, the girls had a little play on the ‘climbing frame’ and then we came home again.


We spent the afternoon writing letters to the girls’ cousins – I had hoped to get out to the post office but M took so long drawing a picture that I decided to leave it for another day.  D wrote this letter to her cousin, J.  I made her include the second two lines so that it didn’t sound so sudden and final (we are going to France next week).


The girls watched a few films and we played Connect 4.  Then I quickly made a make-shift pass the parcel for Gloria’s birthday.  I included a couple of Frozen games that I had found on sale in The Entertainer and put some peanuts in the middle for Gloria.  She thoroughly enjoyed them and the girls liked their presents too.


Yesterday felt like a bit of a non-event: once my plans go awry, I find it hard to readjust myself to the rest of the day.  So today (after some art and baking) I resolved to get the girls out to Wimbledon to properly stretch their legs and enjoy the sunshine.

They walked all the way in, eyebombing along the way:


We did a bit of shopping and then spent over an hour in the library.  We picked up three more Narnia books, some rabbit and space books and a Rubik’s Quest book, which I’m looking forward to strewing for M.  She has barely looked up from her Rubik’s Cube all day!  She’s now able to do all but two sequences to finish it.  There have been tears at every stage but she has quickly recovered, picked it up again and persevered.  I am very proud!

For the rest of the day we read books, watched films (Bambi and Anastasia), tidied and cleaned, fixed the pulley and played with Morris and Gloria.  The girls are very into housework at the moment – they are constantly ‘surprising’ me with sneaky tidying up!  But here’s a picture of D doing some sweeping and Morris taking a keen interest.  M is giggling because I’d just suggested putting Morris into the pulley and hauling him upstairs. 🙂



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