Slightly Different Saturday

Usually our Saturdays are a bit of a tag-team set-up where I get a few hours to myself while J takes the girls to Judo and then onto his parents or the park or swimming.  Today though, J woke up with an enormous hangover so Judo was out of the question. 🙂

He is also under a lot of pressure to get an event up and running in a month’s time so he’s been working over the weekends a lot more lately.  He has also decided to invite his brother and girlfriend over for lunch tomorrow so he needed a good few hours to create his signature biryani dish!

So with all that, I left him to it and took the girls up to London to the Institute of Imagination’s Mini Maker Faire.  We had a lovely time there, despite the pouring rain.  The girls put together a ‘Draw-Bot’ and a Zoetrope before deciding it was too cold and wet to continue.  It’s a shame it wasn’t indoors as there were many other things there to make and do!

20150523_125958 20150523_132009

Yesterday I spent a bit of time with D doing sciencey stuff while M played with Morris and Gloria.  I’ve started writing up a weekly plan and sticking it up on our lounge fireplace, the girls also come up with ideas of what they’d like to do and if they want to do something which I’m too busy for we can then scribble it down to remember for later.  I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to come up with this simple idea, I think technology got in the way!


Anyhoo, D had requested we make the density tower that we made before so that’s what we did!


Because I followed the instructions properly this time, it was a little less murky than our last one and we only had 5 layers rather than 9 but the girls still found it intriguing.  I have still delayed doing a full-on density discussion: partly because my science knowledge is so abysmal I would need to read up about it first; partly because M’s mind works in such a way that I KNOW the discussion would then lead onto the internal workings of a molecule and if I can’t explain all this in a way that she understands the whole thing will end up in a huff; but mainly because they are just having FUN exploring what happens without knowing the whys and wherefores.

D wanted to do another experiment after this so I quickly set up a Wizard’s Brew which I’d been admiring here.  There were lots of squeals of enjoyment for this one.


D wanted to do another experiment after this but I couldn’t think of one off the top of my head so the girls did some painting instead: they found some old-unfinished stuff from Yellow Moon and got on with that.


Then it was back to the Rubik’s Cube and the Picture Atlas of the World Sticker Book!  M has now completed the cube and can do all the sequences from memory!!!!


I was feeling pretty tired by this point!  I don’t know if it’s a problem with my energy levels or I’m being unrealistic thinking I should be able to keep up with the sausages.  Either way, I was feeling too exhausted to go to our Curious Minds group so we gave it a miss this week.  The girls are always up for a quiet time at home so we did a bit of film watching (101 Dalmations and Bambi), playing cards (Snap and Beggar my Neighbour) and building the marble run.


D also began a frieze which she wants to spread across the top of our large kitchen window – it’s going to be a painted sky!



And finally, here’s a picture of Gloria soaking up a few rays this morning.  She’s finally allowing us to stroke her!



2 thoughts on “Slightly Different Saturday

  1. Hats off to your energy levels – looks to me like you’re doing a great job keeping up! That wizards brew looks very cool. Will definitely do that with my nephew and son soon. Thanks for sharing.

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