Fruit, Drawing and Mermaids

We’ve been doing all sorts over the past few days.  On Thursday I got the girls making rainbow fruit kebabs – partly because it tied in with a story I made up and told to D one night, and partly because they have very little knowledge of fruit with our family not being big fruit eaters.  It probably kept them occupied for all of 2 minutes but I think they enjoyed it anyway.


I also got them outside, decorating our awful soon-to-be-knocked-down shed.  They flicked, sprayed and painted it!  And then they moved onto the paving slabs.  The good thing about having a trampy garden is that they can totally mess it up and it generally looks even better 🙂

20150618_135607 20150618_160312 20150618_160404

On Friday we went to our local HE meet up where they got to make giant bubbles, make chalk drawings and play with the other kids.  They didn’t want to leave!

20150619_132523 20150619_133827

That evening, my sister S came to stay for a few nights.  The sausages were sooo excited! They spent a few hours before bed showing S all that they had made and telling her all that they had learnt.  On Saturday morning they went off to Judo (with Aunty S) and then she took them to the park in the afternoon (they were still going crazy with excitement!).  M also performed a play with some puppets she’s been making this week:


On Sunday, J hosted a barbecue for some ex-work colleagues and their partners.  We were lucky with the weather and J had made some great curry too.  I only had to endure one ‘socialisation’ query but mostly the guests found the sausages very entertaining (and who wouldn’t?) as they performed ‘Let It Go’ and took the guests’ drinks orders!

Of course, Sunday was also Father’s Day and the girls had spent many hours preparing their cards:

20150620_153702 20150620_153847

And they had also prepared some birthday cards in advance of Aunty S’s birthday:

20150620_154026 20150622_092126

Aunty S left this morning so today has been quite downbeat and as it’s been raining for most of the day we spent it indoors.  We watched Annie and then I decided to tackle clearing out the girls’ drawers.  The girls were reminded of all the lovely forgotten things in there so D got sewing/sticking/drawing and M rediscovered her Fimo.

D has also made up a game using maths on our hopscotch tiles: I have to give her a number and she has to put her feet on the numbers that can be added, subtracted or multiplied to get to that number.  It’s really good!


The sausages grabbed 5 minutes in the garden between showers but they both ran in again to tell me they’d been inspired to draw mermaids after seeing D’s hair dangling while upside down on the climbing frame!  They sat and drew pictures for an hour and have now sat down to watch The Little Mermaid. 🙂



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