What We’ve Been Up To This Week

Now I’ve got the unschooling food thing off my chest, I can now brain-dump what we’ve been up to this week!

It really doesn’t feel like a whole lot has been going on this last week – we had a couple of cancellations (which always throws me).  There was quite a bit of art going on as usual.

Firstly, M finished her mermaid pencil drawing (I’ve noticed she is starting to get better and better at finishing things!):


Tuesday was spent at art class in the morning, where M finished her copy of Van Gogh’s Irises!!!  It’s taken her two terms to finish it and I’m so pleased she has!  I’m also really really glad that she’s with a teacher who will let her take her time (always an issue with her school work).  I think I might actually prefer M’s painting to the original!  It’s been oohed and ahhed over by many people and I can’t wait to get it up on the wall.


Here is the original, in case you’re not familiar with it:


Later that day we went to Brownies.  M wasn’t really in the mood to go but went along so that she could prepare for sports day later that week.  It seemed like she enjoyed herself but unfortunately sports day was later cancelled because of a lack of participants – such a shame!

On Wednesday we had planned to go to Garson’s Farm to pick some strawberries but when the day arrived, neither sausage wanted to go out.  D wanted to do some ‘action painting’, having been inspired by Creative Galaxy and Jackson Pollock.  So I taped some long sheets of paper to the shed and she swiped and splatted it and thoroughly enjoyed herself.


While D was outside painting in the sunshine, M was busy playing on a game I’ve just downloaded called SimCity BuildIt.  She’s really into it and was calling out to me ‘I love this game!!!’

D is very quick at getting her ideas out of her system and she then wanted to move on to painting our old cardboard fort.  She galvanised M into helping her paint the inside red and the outside yellow using a large paintbrush and a little paint roller.


We’ve been walking quite a bit this week.  Well, M races ahead on her bike while D and I walk along chatting.  She is intriguing to talk to – I can have long and deep conversations with M but talking to D is completely different: her mind flits from one thought to the next.  She tells me about things she’s learnt, things she’s imagined, how she’s feeling, memories etc etc.  On one of these walks she came out with something that made me chuckle.  She said, “Mum? Homeschool saved me.”  “From what?”  “From school”.

We also had a great time at our social group this week.  M is feeling really comfortable there now, and really looks forward to going!


Thanks to our Spotify account, we’ve been doing tons of listening and dancing to music – I’m going to really miss it when our free trial is up!  M’s singing voice has vastly improved and she has a really good memory for lyrics.  We’ve had lots of kitchen discos this week. 🙂

I’ve also been reading to D much more than usual – she has been quite tired this week (too many late nights and early mornings!) and she’s found a few old favourites that she enjoyed when she was 4, like Toffee Takes a Nap (the drawings are so cute) but I love the fact that she has now dared to read Not Now Bernard, which has to be my all time favourite children’s book EVER!!  But a new book arrived today – huzzah!!  Lately I have banned myself from buying anything new due to our restricted finances but I could not resist this one.  I first heard about it on Adventures in Homeschool and knew that D would love it!


I read it to both sausages when they got back from Judo today.  Although it’s not a particularly funny book, we all ended up laughing over it – the mistakes the explorers made seem insane knowing what we know now (Columbus thinking he could sail from Europe to China and accidentally finding America instead), and imagining what we would say to those horrible greedy men who enslaved the Native Americans.  D stood up and announced she would “swim all the way across the ocean and tell them to stop it”.  All in all it was a great success – it really captured their imaginations!

And finally, if you head on over to my new Facebook page, D wanted to make a video of her story about “a little constellation bull called Taurus”…


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