Poorly… again.

Dearie me, D is poorly again.  Yesterday, she obviously knew something was up and decided she needed to lie down with a blanket over her (in this heat!).  She seemed to swing from being energetic and creative then back to poorly again.

First all I got her doing some roller painting, which I found here.  It didn’t work quite so well as we had hoped but she had fun doing it anyway.  She loves that roller!

20150629_104301 20150629_122506

And she also made some gorgeous watercolour pictures after seeing M doing the same.  The second one is the sky – love the pink clouds!

20150629_102254 20150629_102304

She has also been doing a bit of Teach Your Monster to Read and has been writing quite a few lists for various things.  She’s a very capable reader and writer, she just lacks confidence at the moment.

Then it was time for a lie down and a movie…


M was ‘just’ being creative all day after finding her watercolour pad whilst searching for something else in her drawers.  She really did sit and paint ALL day, interspersed with the occasional run-around in the garden.  It was too hot to do much else!  The last picture was inspired from watching the Lion King – there’s a scene right at the start that shows ants marching along a branch with zebra walking below.  I love it!

20150629_125113 20150629_125122 20150629_173604

Inspired by D (who made a Lego gun to shoot a baddy (J) trying to steal animals from her zoo), M made a working Lego gun that shoots out Lego ‘bullets’ – it’s a really extraordinary machine.


The sausages never cease to amaze me.

We had a dreadful night last night: M and I couldn’t sleep even though it was gone midnight and D was waking over and over again with nausea, all night long.  She’s still nauseous today but is again running around and then sitting back down again with the sick jug and a movie!

She has been mainly watching the Lion King on loop but did find time to do some tessellating..

20150630_123236 20150630_125228

And a Rothko-esk watercolour…


Unfortunately, M missed her art class this morning due to D’s illness and my tiredness.

She has been too hot and tired to do much but did dig out her old puzzle cubes:


It’s day 3 of my push to ‘strew’ more food choices.  I’ve been preparing monkey platters every morning as if I’m packing to be out for the day!  Sandwiches, crisps, chocolate, fruit, veg and dips.  It’s working well for M because she struggles to think of what food she feels like – now she picks at what she can see.  I’m not sure if it’s going to work for D in terms of getting more variety into her diet but she certainly hasn’t eaten as many flakes over the last few days, though that could be down to her illness rather than anything else.


M finished the day off at Brownies, while D summoned up a burst of energy to go the park with her Aunt Sh and Uncle F!  She was out like a light this evening.  I hope she’s better tomorrow because I’ve booked something really good in London…


3 thoughts on “Poorly… again.

  1. What gorgeous pictures! I hope D feels better soon. By the way I really enjoyed your post at Adventures in Homeschool. I think I found my way back to unschooling thanks to my kids having a similar temperament to yours. (They just weren’t having anything else!)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh dear, being ill in this heat sounds grim. I feel rough enough just coping with the weather and I’m perfectly healthy. I hope D recovers soon! Looking forward to hearing what your something really good is…

    Liked by 1 person

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