Ancient Mechanicals

So this is the ‘something really good in London’ we had tickets for today: Ancient Mechanicals at the Unicorn Theatre.  Bit weird that an exhibition is in a theatre, but never mind – it was brilliant!

I was full of doubt about going into London with D being ill yesterday and it being so hot today but I felt like I really needed to get out!  It’s so difficult to know what to do in this weather – it’s too hot to do anything really.

Anyway, so off we went into London and we spotted the Shard and Tower Bridge along our walk so that pleased the girls.  D recently told me that when we were in France she really missed all the London sights. 🙂

We had 1 3/4 hours in there and M spent the first hour making a mosaic with small tile pieces.  I did try to suggest we looked at other things too but she was determined so I persuaded her to make a smaller pattern instead.

20150701_121323 20150701_123358 20150701_123953

Then she whizzed around the rest of the exhibition and really loved it: she wrote all the family’s name hieroglyphics; tried out writing cuneiform in Plasticine; worked an Archimedes’ Screw; she made a roman arch; played with a catapult and tried to figure out some early locks.

20150701_124312 20150701_131228 20150701_132035 20150701_132852

It wasn’t really D’s scene to be honest: she had a go with the mosaics at the beginning and then flopped on a bean bag for most of the time.  She livened up towards the end though and had a go with Archimedes’ Screw and drew patterns in the Plasticine.

20150701_122806 20150701_131254

We left having done only 2/3rds of it but on our way back to the tube it was so lovely with the breeze coming off the Thames we decided to buy cakes and eat them outside.

I feel like I bang on a lot about how great the sausages are and how great our days are but in general they really are!  I particularly feel this way when I look back at the struggles M has been through.  Of course, it’s not all unicorns and rainbows every day but today had a particular glow about it.  The sausages made up a ‘link of love’ so we all linked arms and walked along like the Monkees. 🙂

M was in seventh heaven and told me how glad she is that she’s home-schooled. 😀


3 thoughts on “Ancient Mechanicals

  1. Oooh the mosaics are awesome! In fact the whole day sounds really great. Totally irrelevantly, I was in a park in Cambridge yesterday and saw a little girl who looked very much like D. If she hadn’t been with a smaller, clearly-related boy I might have thought it was indeed D, but I figured it couldn’t have been. And even if it were, it would have felt a little strange to run over to a small child and say “I know you from THE INTERNET”.


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