Maths Apps and Grumps

So where was I… oh yes… rainbows and unicorns… well it’s been more like trolls and little devils this week.  I played the part of the troll.

I was suffering from PMS and with us all being together all the time it is so easy to see the effects of my bad mood on the sausages.  It was “lets get this competitive game out to see who loses” and “lets throw balls in the winner’s face” and “lets stomp off in a huff if I don’t get the colour I want”.  They didn’t actually say that but you get my point. 🙂  What I should have done is got us all outside for a walk or something but I was tired, cranky and in pain so I didn’t.

So Monday was not a good day.  In fact it was a right-off.  But I’ve been doing this long enough to understand that bad days are going to happen!

Tuesday started off much better, with us off to M’s art class first thing in the morning.  It was the last class of the term and M is really going to miss it.  Also, D has decided she would like to start art class again!  Hooray!

Lots of interesting conversations in the car – M wanted to know more about ‘e=mc2’ after seeing it mentioned on her SimCity app and this led on to questions about gravity, mass, Einstein and algebra.  I can’t say I knew the answers to all the questions but we talked about Googling it later and the whole discussion involved no anger at all from M which was lovely!

We spent the rest of the day sorting through crap toys that the girls no longer want as we seem to be running out of space again.  This resulted in joy at rediscovering long-lost toys like Fuzzy Felts and M’s magic tricks set.

D is set on learning maths on the computer again.  We tried going back to Khan Academy but it’s become too challenging and too dry to hold her interest.  I think she’s actually reached the point where she answered all the questions she knows already and now she’d have to sit down and slowly learn new concepts.  This is not the way D works and to be fair it isn’t very interesting either!  She prefers to use maths programs to cement ideas she already knows.

As M wanted to use the laptop to do Minecraft I tried to find an iPad app that would hold her interest and I did: It was ‘Maths, age 4-6’ by onebillion.  She quickly worked her way through the first level, learning about lines of symmetry and fractions but then we discovered that we had to pay £30 to unlock the other levels.  Rather steep and given our financial situation right now I don’t really want to spend the money on something she may well go off.  So my quest for an interesting maths app continues…


M went to Brownies in the evening, again her last for the term.  They had an end of term ‘beach’ party and when I came to collect her all the other girls were coming out with handfuls of sweets but she didn’t have any – when I asked her where her sweets were she said she didn’t want any: proud unschooling moment!!


One thought on “Maths Apps and Grumps

  1. We’ve download Mental Maths by Andrew Brodie and Bloomsbury. You have to pay for it but it certainly isn’t £30! The One Billion app is great and we paid the £30 (weak moment) but the Mental Maths one does seem good as well. My 5yr old son is in Foundation and isn’t great at Maths and is just about OK with the 5-6 age app.

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