Back From our Hols

Well we’ve been back home for a week but haven’t had a chance to blog much yet – we’ve got an influx of guests to prepare for next week!

Whitby was gorgeous, though cold.  D fell in love with the abbey high on the cliff top… she said she would like to live there. 🙂


And M was adored by all her cousins but a certain little one wanted exclusive rights…


Back in Nottingham at my parents’ house, we seemed to be on an endless playdate/sleepover which was wonderful for the girls.  The craft box was requested quite a few times and the bubbles were particularly popular…


Back in London again and I’ve been on a crazy cleaning drive as J seems to have reverted back to his bachelor ways in the month we were away.  I’ve also been planning further craft/science boxes for my niece and nephew’s birthdays which has taken a fair bit of time to plan.  I’ve been using M as a guinea pig because a few of the activities I’ve found are new to us.  Her particular favourite so far has been Flextangles.  This is her first one, and she is now working on another with a much more elaborate design.


We’ve also been back to our social group and it was lovely to see our usual crowd there, and to meet some new friends that I had previously only chatted to on Facebook!


Just a short post today, I’ll do a more detailed post on the girls’ activities soon.

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