So Long, Summer

Yesss!  It’s September!  Thank Christ summer is over.  I think I’m unusual in hating the summer – I much prefer the chillier days of autumn and spring, and they seem so exciting and changeable to me, whereas summer and winter feel a little ‘dead’.  Summer is even more annoying as home educators because we no longer have places to ourselves, so I am very pleased that September is here at last!  Huzzah!

We’ve had a pretty full on summer so I’m really looking forward to getting back into our usual rhythms, seeing new places and learning new things.

This last week we’ve had a few visitors – firstly, J’s cousin (well, second cousin twice removed) came to see us on the last leg of her European tour before heading back to Australia.  We had planned to do a day trip with her but it absolutely bucketed down with rain so we stayed in all day.  She seemed to be very pleased to spend the day baking, colouring in and watching My Little Pony. 😀


Later that week my sister and her family came to stay – we didn’t ‘do’ a whole lot but I managed to keep up with my niece’s craft requests and the girls loved having their cousins around for so long.

We said a very sad farewell to them this afternoon and we’ve since been a bit mopey so the girls have been watching a few films and playing Minecraft.  We’re too tired to do much else!

I’ve managed to write up a calendar so the girls can see what’s coming up and I’ve also made my all important list – that’s my planning done for the next month.  Schools go back tomorrow and I for one can’t wait for the fresh start!



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