Learning from My Little Pony…?

Yup.  I was a bit dubious about the girls’ new passion for My Little Pony: it looks cheap and trashy and is a little on the irritating side.


The general premise of MLP is friendship, something both the girls could learn from (and couldn’t we all?).  The questions that have arisen from it have been wonderful to hear – in particular they’ve both been figuring out puns, emotions, emotional reactions, behaviours, jokes, personalities and so much more.  The MLP passion has led onto watching Equestria Girls (a similar, spin-off show) and playing a My Little Pony app on the iPad.  This game in particular is the first ‘slow’ game D has been motivated to play!  She’s been reading a little, figuring out how much money she needs to buy the next pony and generally showing an amazing, previously unseen, amount of perseverance. 😀


In other news, over the weekend J took them to a friend’s house to play and on Sunday to a fun fair at Battersea Park; they’ve also been watching films, more MLP and helping me clean!

Today we’ve spent a day at home but most of it outdoors doing some gardening.  First of all they helped me prune our hedge at the front (a job I always save for them because they love it so much) and then they helped me weed their garden patches (which have been woefully neglected this year).  M is eager to plant some crocus bulbs in her patch but D seems to have lost interest so I might take it over instead.

While we worked, M was excited to see a little robin which came to watch us – it was just like in The Secret Garden. 🙂



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