Why didn’t I think of getting them before?!!

Now we have this:


And this:


Before, I thought it would be quite isolating for the girls as they’re sort of shut off from the rest of the family while they wear them.  But actually, it isn’t isolating at all.  They can totally immerse themselves in whatever they’re doing (gaming, watching films, listening to music) without distraction, and it frees up everybody else in the house to do what they want too!  It also means that more than one ‘audio’ activity can be going on in the room at the same time.  For instance, yesterday I read (and finished!) Tom’s Midnight Garden to M while D watched My Little Pony on Netflix on the iPad.  And this evening I have come downstairs having left M snuggled down under her duvet blissfully listening to Mozart through Spotify while D watches (yes, you guessed it) My Little Pony.  So huzzah for headphones.

So apart from the thrill of new headphones, what else have we been up to?

Well, the girls missed Judo on Saturday because J noticed how below-par they both seemed on Saturday morning so he gave it a miss.  They had a chilled out day instead, and we all watched Back to the Future together in the evening but they both went to bed with tummy aches.  They’ve both been better since though much more tired than usual.

Yesterday, J worked for most of the day and was also poorly so we had another chilled out day at home.  I showed them an ’80s anime version of Little Women that I used to watch as a child.  They loved it and it sparked questions about slavery, the clothes they wore, and why Jo’s behaviour wasn’t correct according to Aunt March – subjects that aren’t really touched on in the abridged version of the book I read to them before.

M is continuing to teach D how to get through the Super Mario Bros levels on her Nintendo. It is so sweet to watch them both working together and cheering each other on.  I’m really impressed with D’s recent perseverance with tasks – she has also learnt the first part of Frere Jacques after M showed her how to play it!

Today we had a bit of a tidy up in the morning, before the girls settled down to some Lego, which we haven’t played with for ages.  Then in the afternoon, their Aunty S visited!  D introduced her to My Little Pony, and she played board games with M.  Aunty S also taught M two new tunes on the piano and M is very pleased to now be able to play Frere Jacques, Jingle Bells, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Happy Birthday!  Next she’d like to look at improving her finger technique and it’s something I struggle with so I think we’ll look it up on YouTube… or ask Grandma when she comes to stay in a few days. 🙂


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