Leaves and Trees

This week I had intended to lots of autumn leaf craft but I just haven’t got around to setting anything up.  We did manage a bit of leaf decorating though – I had hoped the girls would want to do lots but I had to make do with one from each of them. 🙂

20151014_111918 20151014_111928

The girls also drew leaves at their art class.  M chose a very complicated leaf and is still drawing all the intricate detail on it, so these two beauties are D’s:

20151013_141051 20151013_141112

D also brought home her fantastic picture of an owl:


At home, she made a picture of a house, which is modeled on one from My Little Pony, with a library, thrones and stain glass windows!


The highlight of our week has got to be our trip out to Cannizaro Park.  Our friends were unable to join us this week and I had intended to find Caesar’s Well but almost immediately I took a wrong turn!  M was getting anxious and tearful so I gave up and decided to go to Cannizaro Park instead.  As soon as we got there, M’s anxieties fell away and she became calmer and happier.  It’s absolutely stunning there, the tree that M is sitting under looked like it was on fire, it was so vibrant – unfortunately the colour wasn’t picked up by my camera phone.  The girls picked leaves, spotted fungi and squirrels and had fun finding ‘dens’ in the undergrowth.

20151015_134514 20151015_134819

D fell in love with a tree (below) and wept when we had to leave it.  That tied in nicely with our nature curriculum we’re (loosely) following.  We have to ‘adopt’ a tree and observe it’s changes throughout the seasons so I think D has chosen her’s!  Next week she wants to come back to it and do a bark rubbing.


I’ve been getting lots and lots of questions from the girls this week: why do we have lips?; Why does hot food cool down and cold food warm up?; Is a room the same temperature all over?; Why are street lamps orange?; How do trees get diseases?; How do doctors treat diseased patients without catching the disease?  I’m sure there were many many more and the questions seem to be getting more sophisticated.  I can’t answer 90% of the questions without Googling, which is fine – I don’t mind admitting to the sausages that I don’t know everything – but I am astounded by how much I have taken for granted in my life and how little I’ve questioned.  I’m on a steep learning curve!

Our week was finished off with a very laid back Curious Minds.  D played outside with her friend for most of the time (playing house on a pile of logs) while I helped M with some craft indoors:

20151016_135916 20151016_141008

I can’t believe another week has passed… we seem to be careering towards the end of the year at break-neck speed!




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