Cousins and Pyjama Days

Weirdly, it almost feels like we’re ready for a half-term holiday.  M looked so tired on the way to art class this week and I commented that she looked ready for a break, to which she replied “a break from what?”  Ha ha.  It’s difficult to take a break from being a life learner.  We talked about how much school kids need half term holidays – M has no recollection of how long the days are at school and how hard children have to work.

Even though she was tired, M still managed to complete her squirrel picture, which I think is wonderful – I love the detail and colour.


Over the weekend, the girls went to Judo, followed by the park for many hours with J.   Also, M and I watched The Spiderwick Chronicles together for the first time and we both loved it.

On Monday, we all went out for a pub lunch to celebrate mine and J’s 13th anniversary!!  J had to get back to work afterwards and we went straight on to a playdate with M’s friend B from nursery days.  We spent hours there and the girls were really sad to go home so I have arranged for B to come to ours next week.

Yesterday, my cousin Z and her son (M) arrived and there was MUCH excitement!  Today we showed him how to do a pyjama day, sausage style (they are professionals at it after all) – so we did baking and M used an piping bag for the first time, I was so impressed with her skill!


We did a lot of Minecraft: cousin M downloaded Technic Launcher on our laptop which is kind of like a souped-up version of Minecraft I gather.  It certainly got the sausages enthused.

We also watched a documentary on Netflix called Hidden Kingdoms.  I can highly recommend it, even though D ended up crying at the end because the Grasshopper Mouse decided not to return to his family and to seek his independence instead…

The three of them are excitedly chatting upstairs as I write this, even though they’re knackered – tomorrow will be interesting…


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