Books and Fair-Eagles

We’ve had loads of downtime this week due to it being half term.  We had M’s old nursery friend over to play on Monday and they all played in the garden together as the weather was so mild.

I had planned on going to the library on Tuesday but D was adamant that she didn’t want to go out.  Having learnt from past experience that I am better off trusting that she knows what she needs, I changed my plans and we had a day indoors instead.  We started off by painting the clay Xmas decorations the girls had made over the weekend:

20151027_122655 20151027_122717

The rest of the day was spent drawing; playing dominoes (M is a master of it after only a few games); and watching Heidi on Netflix.  The animation isn’t great but as I found with My Little Pony – the social stories and plots are a very useful learning tool for the sausages.

After a day indoors, D was ready to go to the library on Wednesday.  Although, since she’s not too fussed about books at the moment and declared libraries to be boring, I had to bring the iPad along so that M and I could enjoy the visit.  D is definitely going through an odd phase at the moment – she’s unusually delicate and anxious about things, which quickly leads to tears.

The last time we went to the library D wanted to borrow lots of space books but it seemed to me that she was on auto-pilot and she wasn’t really interested.  Lo and behold the books have been unread for 3 weeks and most of the time she doesn’t even want to read anything at bedtime.  One night she told me that she kept forgetting her space information so I suggested we could start from scratch and re-learn it all but she said that once it falls out of her head it won’t go back in again… ever.  Which I think was her way of saying she wasn’t interested!

She’s loved space from the moment she learnt how to say ‘moon’.  I can’t believe her passion for it is waning.  It is so much a part of who she is.  Recently, a friend of mine pointed out that this must be difficult for her too if space is so much a part of her identity.  I never thought of that before.

We got some great books from the library – origami crafts, Minecraft hacks, the Gunpowder plot and Greek and Roman myths.  I’m hoping to read some of the myth books with D since it ties in nicely with constellations and My Little Pony.  She’s even made up and drawn her own mythical creature – a Fair-Eagle – an eagle with fairy wings!



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