A Week in the Life of a Home Educating Family: Sunday 2015

It’s that time of year again!  This time last year I wrote a very descriptive account of what we got up to each day (click here to read it) and I thought I’d have a crack at it again this year.  For me, it will be interesting to see if there are any changes or similarities in our lives.  Of course, the girls are a year older (M is now 8 and D is 6), but M was still deschooling and we’re deeper into unschooling than we were then.

This time, rather than do a 5 day account, I thought I’d try for 7 days – as regular readers will know, J is now self-employed so works more over the weekend and his working hours during the week aren’t so rigid.  On the one hand this means we see more of him, on the other hand I don’t have a clearly defined weekend break anymore, so now I can account for their weekend activities too.

So here we go, Day 1!


D and I come downstairs, M is still sleeping.  I make myself tea (nothing happens before tea) and feed and let the rabbits out.  The rabbits now stay out all day, in fact they practically own our front room, which now resembles an over-sized hutch.


D is definitely a lark, she is so sunny and chirpy as soon as she wakes up. When I come into the lounge she wants me to point out Whitby on the globe (we’re going next year).  We also talk about Spain as we’re going there next year too.  D asks if she can decide where we go on holiday after that, to which I respond that we all have to agree and we have to check whether we have enough money.  D tells me that when she has a child, they will get to choose the holiday. I try to find a Spanish tourism video on YouTube to show her but she spots Lapin Cretin and immediately wants to watch.


M comes down with J and gives the rabbits a few peanuts. They hop around her feet when she comes down in the morning, making her look like Snow White, surrounded by little animals.  M has breakfast straight away (she can’t function before a bowl of Coco-Pops) and then she watches a bit of Lapin Cretin with D but soon gets bored of it so she goes off to play the piano instead.  I clean the kitchen inbetween helping her to remember how to play Jingle Bells.  M then teaches J how to play a tune.


The girls’ Aunt Sh pops round to say hello and the girls perform their Strictly Come Dancing routine for her and M shows her what she can play on the piano.


J takes the girls to church to light a candle for the people in Paris.  He isn’t a regular church-goer by any means (and I don’t go at all!) but he felt moved to go today.  They then go the park.



The sausages are back home for a few minutes before going to their Aunt Sh’s house to make paper chains and angels.  They’re there for hours!  I make the most of the time alone to get some online Christmas shopping done, check Facebook and do some cleaning.



They return home again and M plays Beggar My Neighbour first with J and then with me.  Amazingly, she loses both games – this hardly ever happens.  D doesn’t really do competitive games so she stands on the sidelines cheering M on and booing me.


J puts Tinkerbell on and they both watch while doing Lego and sewing.  After that he puts another film on (he does like films a lot) which is Toy Story 3.

20151115_151447 20151115_151502


Once all the films and activities are finished, M decides to make Aunty Sh a card to say thank you for buying her a theatre ticket for Annie last week, but then she gets distracted by the Christmas tree that she and D are making.  Last week we made 3D snowflakes as she wanted to put one on top of her tree.  They’re very easy to make but M wanted one small enough to fit on top of the tree so it took a long time.  They both get soo excited about sticking all the shiny stuff onto the tree and D sings a very cute Christmas song she’s made up (she wants to be a singer when she grows up).



The girls go upstairs for a bedtime story.  We haven’t quite unschooled bedtime yet but we’ve reached a halfway place that works well for us: we go up at 8pm, I read to them until 9pm and then they can decide when to go to sleep.  The girls are very excited and giggly in a lovely infectious way.  Once they’ve calmed down a bit I read Is a ‘Blue Whale the Biggest Thing There Is?‘ to D and ‘Heidi‘ to M.  We chat about what it was like for children to work as chimney sweeps in response to a question D asked last night (I had to do a bit of research to answer that one).  Strangely, D suddenly gets a really blocked nose and says she feels poorly so I leave her to get off to sleep while M gets on with her sewing.  She’s making a sort of prize ribbon for the next obstacle course race with her cousins in Nottingham. 🙂


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