A Week in the Life of a Home Educating Family: Monday 2015

Blimey, what a day.  Not one I would use to advertise the gloriousness of home ed but there you go.  Actually, today goes to show that some days can really turn out to be pants but that the flexibility of home ed makes even pants days easier.  I thought we’d be having a lovely day out in London today, but D got a lurgy…

If you missed yesterday’s post, you can see it here.


I come down having had a rough night with D who has been vomiting since 4am.  I feed some very hungry rabbits and sit down with a cup of tea to do some admin on my laptop.


D and M come down.  D is still feeling poorly so she rests on the sofa and J puts My Little Pony on for her.  After M’s usual routine of feeding the rabbits and having breakfast, she begins her cross-stitching again.  I continue to work on my laptop: doing a bit of data entry for J, some online banking and then finishing off the online food shop.  Today, we were supposed to be going to see a free film (Princess Bride!) at the Barbican cinema as part of the Into Film Festival but we obviously can’t go to that now.


J has to go out to meet a client and decides to take M with him so she can have a treat in the coffee shop.  While they’re out D is sick again for what turns out to be the last time today, thank goodness!  As soon as the sick is done it’s like a light goes on inside her and she wants to know what number all our birthdays add up to (110 including the bunnies, if you want to know) and then we have a long discussion on birthdays as she doesn’t understand why they’re only once a year.  This leads on to a question about why the seasons always go in order so I do a little diagram and get the globe out to demonstrate how the axis changes the amount of sunlight we get throughout the year, thus creating the seasons.


Quite an impressive amount of learning considering how ill she is. 🙂


M comes back with J.  M and D play with the bunnies and then decide to finish off their tree decoration by adding glitter.  There’s quite a bit of discussion as to how best to do it – the whole project has made for a lovely bit of team work and the tree is pretty good too!



M then goes off to play Lego.  D wants to start a cross-stitch project after seeing the Stitch by Stitch book I rediscovered and displayed on a shelf yesterday.  She does about 10 stitches and then is too tired to continue so plays on a My Little Pony game on the iPad for a while.


D then asks for baked beans and toast but she only has a few bites before she feels sick again, the poor sausage.  She does a bit more cross-stitching and then asks to watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  We haven’t watched it for almost a year but I think it’s comforting for her to watch something simple when ill.  When I switch on the telly, the weather comes on and we all have a conversation about floods and hurricane Barney.


I don’t know where the last two hours have gone?!  I think I was doing various things like browsing Facebook, helping M and having a coffee.  Anyhoo, I go upstairs to have a shower and do some cleaning.  M says she has a tummy ache now too so I give her a hot water bottle and she plays Minecraft on the laptop.


M is feeling better and asks for dry toast and clementines.  She then gets back to her cross-stitching.


Jake and the Neverland Pirates is still on.  After seeing a volcano on there, M asks if volcanoes always smoke before erupting so we Google the answer.  The next few hours go by in a haze of more telly watching (M puts in a request to watch an episode of Heidi and then D sees some Dora the Explorer episodes she hasn’t seen before – more comfort TV!).  I play Brainmaster and Downfall with M and she beats me at both, of course.

20151116_172233 20151116_182316


On a Facebook thread, a friend of mine recommends an app her children are enjoying called Endless Spanish.  I install it for M and she loves it.  We both try to dissect the sentences, trying to work out the words inbetween the key words we’re supposed to be learning.  M learns that the Spanish have a different sentence structure to us.


I eventually persuade D to come to bed.  She can barely keep her eyes open to listen to her book (Is a Blue Whale the Biggest Thing There Is?) and is asleep minutes after I finish.  M isn’t really into fact books but for some reason this book grabs her attention tonight and she looks amazed at the comparative sizes of the animals and things in the book.  I read Heidi to M.


I leave M upstairs trying to learn more Spanish on the iPad but soon she’s back downstairs again in tears because she “can’t possibly ever learn all the words”.  She’s looks exhausted from last night’s lack of sleep (one of the very few problems of co-sleeping: if one is awake then we’re all awake!) so after a cuddle I convince her to go to sleep.

It wasn’t the day I had planned, and I’m sorry I missed our day out, but I hope D feels better tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “A Week in the Life of a Home Educating Family: Monday 2015

  1. I think that this is a great advert for Home Ed! The fact that you were able to run with everyone’s moods and needs and still get loads of learning done is brilliant. I have three kids with only three years between them and the youngest is only 11months, and I have these sorts of days quite a lot… (epecially when one or all of us is wiped out), and it’s always amazing to me when I run the day back to realise just how much was actually achieved in the miasma! Thanks for sharing, it’s reassuring to know I am not alone, and unschooling is just as life is.

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  2. Poor D, and all of you in fact, with the lurgy lurking. M has my sympathy, I get stressed at all the words in all the languages, but perhaps she would be comforted by the knowledge that all native Spanish speakers are in the same situation – no one ever knows all the words!

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