A Week in the Life of a Home Educating Family: Friday 2015

I was just reading Friday’s post from 2014’s ‘A Week in the Life‘ and it seems I picked an odd week to do it then too!  I still like what I wrote a year ago though:

“What I love about our life though is the little things: the tiny sparkles of funniness throughout the day; the joy I have in learning together with the sausages; the joy I have when they have learnt something for themselves; and the overriding fact that they are 100% happier at home than at school!”

Amazing that I still feel the same way really: I don’t feel jaded by HE, even if it is bloody hard work.  It’s like waking up in the morning and realising you’ve got the best job in the world. 🙂

So, on with the day!  If you missed the previous days’ posts, please click here:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


I wake early after M’s toy falls out of bed and bangs on the floor.  Last night M asked me to finish an order on Farmville so I come downstairs, feed the bunnies, make a cup of tea and play on the iPad for a while.


D is awake, we can hear her upstairs.  J goes up to see her and she pretends to be asleep in bed.  She eventually comes down, all pleased with herself for having fooled Daddy.


M wakes and gives the bunnies some peanuts.  She takes over the Farmville order.


D finishes painting her box – it’s all done!  Afterwards she watches M playing Farmville and helps her while eating Hula Hoops (we’re having a Hula Hoop day).  I get lost in Facebook.



D interrupts my Facebook reverie to ask me to Google a picture of what earth would look like without oxygen.  There doesn’t seem to be one – I find a pretty comprehensive article but I can’t absorb it right now.  I make a mental note to look at it properly later.


I go upstairs to get dressed.  The girls are playing K’Nex and Multi Cubes when I come down.  J is trying to show D how the cubes relate to the times table.  I do a bit of dusting in the lounge and then I ask the girls to get dressed for our weekly social group, Curious Minds.  D is upset and says she doesn’t want to go this week.  We take it in turns as to who gets the final say in whether we go out or not and today it’s M’s turn.  M wants to go so I reassure D that I’ll take the iPad with me if she really isn’t in the mood to play.  That cheers her up a bit.


D paints a clay sculpture she made a week ago.  This inspires M to do some clay work too and she decides to make some tiny beads with little patterns engraved on them.


We get to Curious Minds and D is still not in the mood.  She gets upset in a football game and doesn’t recover from it.  M tries to engage her in dismantling a plug but that only lasts a few minutes.  Eventually, M decides it’s time to go home as her usual play mates aren’t there today anyway.  I get some interesting questions in the car on the way home: they ask why Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th, which leads onto the Queen having 2 birthdays and then onto what the Queen Mother is called and why she isn’t/wasn’t still Queen.



D watches Lapin Cretin on YouTube.  M carries on making clay beads.  I make an apple crumble.


M and I watch Back to the Future 3.  She has so many questions and she copes admirably with all the complicated space time continuum stuff.


M calls her cousin A to play Animal Crossing together.  It doesn’t go so well today though as they keep getting disconnected and then A has to go for her dinner.  We’re all quite tired so the evening continues with My Little Pony an Heidi on Netflix.


J comes home and he watches a My Little Pony with the girls before it is time for them to go upstairs.


As D isn’t really into bedtime stories of late, I show her the new YouTube app for kids and both girls immediately get stuck into watching LOADS of videos – they especially love Story Bots and watch them over and over.  M loves it so much she decides she doesn’t want a story either so we sit and take turns choosing videos to watch.


I come down and find J asleep on sofa.  As usual, I’m exhausted so I’ll just finish this off and then go to bed too!


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