Still Poorly, Still Learning

We’re not doing very well here – M has been too poorly to be able to do much.  It started on Sunday night and has continued off and on since then.  D is absolutely fine but is missing her playmate.

D has made up for it with lots of activities though.  Even M has been managing a couple of bits here and there.  On Monday we made Christmas decorations, inspired by this post on Artful Parent.  I made a yellow star, D made a multi-coloured one and M made a colourful pine cone.  She added a very pretty detail on the top too.

20151123_125033 20151123_125149

We also made a Lego Nativity scene, inspired by this post on Frugal Fun 4 Boys.  M made the sheep while D and I made Mary, Joseph and Jesus.  M still wants to make a shepherd but hasn’t managed it yet.


D decided she would like to make a crown and throne for her bunny (to go with the felt wig!) so we set about making it together.  D has never really been one for proper construction (like M, who seems to have a feel for it in her bones) so she really learnt a lot about measuring and right angles this time.


We seem to have been holed up in the lounge for days now.  D was suffering from cabin fever a bit last night but on the whole she has loved the endless pyjama days!  M has been too ill to get off the sofa so we haven’t been able to go out.  What has really helped over the past two days is an audio book of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.  I signed up to a free month on Audible and chose it as my first book – I’m so glad I did.  Both girls have been listening but it’s been especially helpful to M, who is too ill to concentrate on the telly but seems to be able to listen to a book.

D has invented a new game (she’s got a great imagination and comes up with some hilarious games) where she’s a teacher who has to tell her students (me and M) about something from the posters on our bedroom wall.  Last night it was the number chart: I had to pick a number and then she would tell me about it – I was really impressed as she was explaining units and tens to me and then hundreds.  It then turned into a game where I would give her a sum and D had to point to it on the chart.  We got into division and how ‘half’ is the same as ‘divided by two’.  I was really pleased with both girls’ level of knowledge considering we don’t do any formal maths, we just talk about numbers a fair amount.  I’m beginning to see how much maths really is everywhere and how their maths knowledge really does have the potential to grow and expand, with no worksheets in sight.  By the by, M astounded me last week when the girls were discussing what score to give a dancer on Strictly – D couldn’t decide whether to give her 1/10 or 10/100 and M said ‘it doesn’t matter, they’re both the same’?!!!!  You see?  Maths can even be applied to Strictly Come Dancing. 😀

Tonight we had two ‘lessons’.  The first one was about skeletons – considering she hasn’t read her See Inside Your Body book for over a year I was seriously impressed by how much she remembered.  She did a lovely talk on the whole body starting with the skull and finishing with the feet, then I was tested at the end! Our second lesson was on the Solar System – D told me so much about Earth, again I was amazed by how much she remembered about the Pangaea and Earth’s axis but most of all I was amazed to hear her recount some of the things we’d learnt from watching Colour: The Spectrum of Science.  I don’t know why I was amazed, she loves that programme. 🙂

I don’t think there’s any chance we’ll get out of the house tomorrow but fingers crossed for Friday.


3 thoughts on “Still Poorly, Still Learning

  1. It seems to be everywhere this week. Friends have had it, and we’ve been stuck in since Sunday as my eldest has been really poorly and the last two days the younger ones have come down with it and added vomiting to the mix -fun! Hope M feels better soon.

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