M spent the weekend recovering after that horrendous bug she caught last week – she looked awful: all skinny with large sunken black eyes.  D was also ill on Friday night, having had a relapse.  Needless to say, neither of them could go to Judo.

However, on Sunday we had our annual meal with J’s family to celebrate his parents’ anniversary.  It was at a Chinese restaurant – the first time the girls have been to one.  M certainly chose that meal to tank up – she tried everything in front of her – prawn crackers, sesame prawn toast, ribs, crispy seaweed, the lot!  She particularly liked making up the shredded duck pancakes with cucumber and spring onion.  This is a far cry from the girl who would only eat about 4 different foods a few years ago!  D was more true to form and ate some brioche I’d brought with me but she did try a prawn cracker which was pretty brave of her.

I can’t remember how much I’ve written about D’s state of mind at the moment but she’s worrying about anything and everything: Judo, art class, me leaving (to go to Australia or Russia?!); being forced to go to Brownies/school etc etc.  There have been a lot of tears this week over seemingly trivial things.  One major change though is that she can’t bear being left at night, which has meant me having no ‘me time’ at all in the evenings.  Even me being in the room isn’t enough – she wants to lie on top of me.  So I’ve ditched my me-time for now as the fear and sadness I see in her face when she’s begging me to stay just isn’t worth it.

On the plus-side, I am loving our bedroom time at the moment.  We either have a ‘lesson’ from D, or we get to read her new space book from the library (I went on my own at the weekend and picked up loads of great books).  I think I might be a tad more excited about this book than she is, as her interest in space isn’t as passionate as it used to be.  I have finished reading Heidi to M and I got her a few classics to choose from – she’s chosen Jane Eyre – one of my favourite books!  It’s rewritten for a modern-day audience but it’s been done really well, and isn’t abridged.  I found it in the 9-14 year old section but even D is keeping up with the story.

Today we’re back to our usual routine, which feels a bit odd after 2 weeks off due to illness.  We went to the girls art class this morning and then Brownies this afternoon.  Our free time has been spent on SequinArt, singing, piano playing, baking, sewing and board games.  In fact, neither girl has the remotest interest in doing anything ‘screeny’ – not even Minecraft!

On a final note, I was thinking today that home education doesn’t leave a lot of room for a private life – both girls are fully versed in periods these days although I did have to go through all the details again with D today.  She now thinks she’s luckier than boys because she’s got three holes instead of two.  We’ll leave it there.



9 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. Hehe I like the final point about holes, interesting way of looking at it!

    I can’t remember whether you’ve said something about this before, but have either/both of the girls had any sort of therapy/counselling? I have a colleague who is a drama therapist and she works with children to allow them a safe space to open up about their worries and fears without the process being, in itself, worrying or fearful. Might be something that would help D?

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    1. Hi May, no neither of the girls have had therapy, I’m assuming at the moment that it’s just a developmental phase, so I’m trying to give D room to express herself and lots of comfort and reassurances. My sister is a play therapist so I’m aware that it is an option to us but I will wait and see if the fears pass first. Thanks x


  2. How funny, my 12 year old and I are listening to the Audible version of Jane Eyre at the moment and absolutely loving it! We’re prolific listeners and have made our way through dozens of dystopian / sci fi / fantasy novels over the last few years, as well as a few classics (Jane Austen, George Orwell) but we both agree that Jane Eyre is head and shoulders above any of them. Such a treat! Juliet Stevenson reads it beautifully too (even at the 3x speed we listen at :-D)).

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      1. I know what you mean! If you buy 24 credits at a time, each audiobook costs about £3.50 I think. And we’ve picked up some bargains from their £1.99 daily deal too. Probably our favourite home ed resource. 🙂

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      2. I’m on Audible UK, but it is a bit confusing. You have to click on where it says, “Hi, Lucy!” at the top and choose Membership Status. Mine says, “24 book annual membership” – which is misleading because you don’t have to use all the credits in a year (you get much longer) plus you can buy another batch of credits whenever you need them (which is what we always end up doing). Actually when you get to the end of your 24 they usually offer to let you buy an extra 3 credits at a time at the same cheap cost. Good luck. 😉

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