New Year

This is my 3rd New Year whilst home educating, and it’s the first one that I haven’t felt really fired up by HE.  However, this is no bad thing!  I feel relaxed, brave and sure enough to let things go at the pace they are without any feverish planning and strewing.

I’m determined to spend more time doing things that I want to do: so rather than spend my evenings reading HE blogs/on HE Facebook groups or scouring for HE resources, I’ll be picking up my sewing/watching TV or reading a book!

I’ve already started a Future Learn course – this one’s all about the constellation of Orion.  I completed the first week yesterday, with D enjoying it next to me.  There was nothing there that we didn’t know but we enjoyed going over it again and watching the videos.

We’ve had a lovely few weeks at my parents’ house over xmas and then a further 5 days spent with them over New Year at our house.  We had a great time, as ever!


Yesterday was our first pyjama day of the new ‘term’.  Always a requirement of a successful HE lifestyle :D.  I had to take Morris to the vets for a general anaesthetic to have his teeth burred but the rest of the day was spent on Minecraft, interspersed with:

  • experimenting with an enormous marshmallow in the microwave!  We were given 2 bags of marshmallows by M’s friend B to try it out.  Even D was intrigued and dared to eat it for the first time!  We then continued with marshmallow fun by setting them alight over a candle.
  • learning a new card game.  M got this book in her stocking.  We had to play with just the two of us as D doesn’t like competitive games at the moment.
  • We googled where rubber comes from and then how erasers are made.
  • We watched a mesmerising animation on a triangle and the Sugar Plum Fairy being played on glasses.
  • The girls cleaned and cooked alongside me – they swept and mopped the kitchen floor, wiped and shined cupboards and handles and then made J’s dinner.
  • We watched Snow Chick – A Penguin’s Tale, Kung Fu Panda 2 and Liar Liar.
  • Sooo many questions about word means, social meanings, road safety, nature and instinct, sums, hemispheres and the zodiac to name but a few.

We went to a friend’s party on Sunday and I was so surprised that every guest there had a positive response to HE and there wasn’t one word on socialisation!  I felt very confident and proud of our decision to HE and today backed up that feeling.  From the outside it appeared like a slouchy pyjama day, but under the surface our brains were buzzing with questions and new connections.


7 thoughts on “New Year

  1. What a lovely first day ‘back’. I feel the same about HE planning. I really noticed it strongly towards the end of the last summer holidays when I kept waiting to get all fired up about the new ‘school’ year but it never happened. Instead we just effortlessly moved into September, learning happening all the time. I also resonate with your party experience. I’m sure we must give off vibes that affect how other people react. Have a wonderful unschooling 2016!

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  2. I loved this. Especially how you say that you have relaxed into it so much that you’re not ‘feverishly planning and strewing’… Each bought some Playmags, magnetic building tiles with triangles and squares etc (like Magna tiles, but polarised), and they are so much fun, and educational too, obvs. And my husband wisely nudged me to relax, that I have been describing things as a ‘great HE day’ or ‘ these are so much fun and SO good for learning… etc!’ rather than just thinking of things as fun or having been simply a great day,like I feel that I have to constantly justify our decision to home ed. He was right of course, so today we had a fab day at our local wetland nature reserve with other friends, and then did lots of playing. It was lovely and I am now knackered out! Thank you for sharing your day to day with us, it is a real encouragement.

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