M is SO Lucky

I can’t believe how lucky she is – truly.

Games that require no skill: she is likely to win.

Games that require luck and skill: she is even more likely to win.

She’s been asking to learn poker with me for the past few days but we haven’t got around to it until tonight.  So we got out our little Pocket Poker tin (found in the ‘Presents for Men’ section in WHSmith last Xmas: grr) and attempted to learn the game together using M’s ‘Card Games to Play’ book she got in her stocking this year.

We were three games in when she got a flippin’ ROYAL FLUSH!!!!  I think this may be a new interest for her. 🙂

Other than poker it’s been a fairly quiet week: we’ve all had some kind off low lying bug which hasn’t made us very ill but just quite tired.  We managed to squeeze a play date in with D’s best friend (D) and a trip into Wimbledon so that M could gather ideas for her birthday list.  M downloaded a sample Pokemon puzzle game onto her Nintendo 2DS that is so hard it makes my brain hurt – God she’s clever.  We’ve also been baking and cleaning – D is leaping at the chance to join in with either; learning new card games; continuing to build a cardboard boat and add accessories (like the treasure chest decorated by M below: the flower insignia is being drawn onto everything to do with the boat); thinking about and manipulating numbers (D is really into mental maths right now: the way she is beginning to work with numbers in her head is really astounding); and watching films.


Next week our term-time classes begin so it will be back into our usual rhythm. 🙂


7 thoughts on “M is SO Lucky

  1. I think M is also SO lucky to have a mother that loves her and gives her so much of her time! Credit where it is due.. children flourish with peaceful parenting 🙂

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  2. I wonder if M might enjoy the game Ticket to Ride? It is sufficient strategy to be engaging but also a little down to chance, and the rules are really simple to pick up. Camel Up is another game that might appeal but the rules are a bit complex at first, unnecessarily so, I think.

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  3. Reminds me of teaching my step-daughter to play poker at about 11 and she kept winning mostly because she never knew when she had the best hand and I always thought I was winning! I love Ticket To Ride too, I can’t wait until my girls get old enough to play proper card and board games, there’s so many great ones out there now aside from the old, traditional games.

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