Play Dates and Pootling

Since I last wrote, we’ve continued along on our pootling-wintery-slow phase – we’re still fairly busy but we’re all asleep by 9.30 every night, even night-owl M.

Last weekend, Aunty Sh took the girls to Wimbledon Theatre to see Peter Pan for their birthday presents.  It’s a little early for D but it was nice that they got to see something together.  They didn’t make Judo because J had too much work to do (the downside of being self employed!).

D has been spending a fair amount of time on Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 on the iPad.  It isn’t a major thing in itself but for D it’s brave of her to try a new game on her own, especially a game with baddies in it!

On Sunday, J took the girls to the park to play football – amazingly he’s never just taken them out for a kick-about before as trips out tend to be to playgrounds or swimming pools.  The girls were really excited and loved it!  Last week he arrived home late and announced he was taking the girls to the park in the dark, which was quite an adventure too.  J can always be relied upon to be spontaneous. 😀

On Monday we had a play date at our house with our first unschooling friends  – the kids played Minecraft together then moved onto other games like Connect 4 and Snap Circuits before ending with an almighty long (and hilarious) tour of D’s imaginary land.  The rest of the day we spent pootling around the house.

On Tuesday we were back to our usual routine of art class in the morning and Brownies in the evening.  I had a lovely bit of quality time with D as she doesn’t want to go to art anymore.  M came out of Brownies, full of the joys – she absolutely loves that group!  She wants to do an optional Saturday class to get her Science badge and has decided that she’d like to work towards another Brownie badge in her own time too.


On Wednesday we had more friends over to play – they played out in the freezing cold for ages on the trampoline and there was a lot of giggling and thumping about upstairs too.  It was so successful we have arranged to meet again in a few days and this time we’ll be having some Minecraft fun, while I try to encourage my friend to accept screens as an acceptable form of entertainment on a playdate. 😉

Tonight we’re supposed to be going to see Lumiere London at Kings Cross but we’ll have to see if we can overcome the freezing cold and winter lethargy first…



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