Toys, Minecraft and Saving Up

How did it get to midweek already?  I keep meaning to blog more often but the days go by so fast!

Our weekend was spent mainly around the house although J did take the girls for a long play at the park on Saturday.  M was struck by a huge amount of lethargy on Sunday – it was v odd!  She was adamant she was too tired to go out so she played Animal Crossing, Facetimed her cousin A, watched films and played chess and Ludo.

The weather was beautiful on Monday and I had to go into Wimbledon for a couple of things.  M had already decided she wanted to buy some more Lego so she was very excited to come too.  D also came along and managed to walk all the way in without one grumble. 🙂  M spent her money on Frozen themed Lego which came with Elsa and Anna figurines – she is so chuffed with her choice and has rebuilt it twice already.  Usually she likes to build Lego sets and then sit back and admire them but last night her play developed further and she decided to narrate the story using her Frozen book and act out the whole film using her Lego!

Meanwhile, D had bought 4 more My Little Pony soft toys, which completes her set of ponies.  She is so pleased with them.  They have all had a wash and a hair cut already and now she is drawing out their ‘elements’ on card that will go around their necks.

After we had dropped M off at art class on Tuesday, we went to our usual cafe and D was telling one of the Mums all about the ponies’ personalities and the difference between unicorns, alicorns and pegasi – she has an impressive amount of My Little Pony knowledge!

M finished off her clay tablet at art class.  I absolutely love it!

2016-03-01 15.02.04

This week is the second week of M’s Minecraft course and her first assignment was to watch a video about peasants from Terry Jones’ Medieval Lives.  It’s a very good watch and Terry Jones is up M’s street, humour-wise – but she really struggled to watch for more than 5 minutes and ended up getting angry and upset about it.  I ended up watching the rest (I was finding it hard to answer all M’s questions as the subject is pretty new to me too) with the thought that maybe I could just summarise it for her to save her watching it again.  However, after a couple of days rest she was ready to try again and she managed to watch it all the way through!  What seemed to work was me pausing the video at intervals to tell her what was about to happen – she seemed to get less stressed about it all anyway.  She’s now got to make a peasant’s house in Minecraft using the information she’s learnt and she’s really motivated to give it a go. 🙂

I’ve been looking at our trampoline, which is well past it’s best, and wondering how we can afford to buy a new one and then I read about a 365 day saving challenge on a Frugal Facebook group.  You basically save 1p on day 1, 2p on day 2 and so on until you have over £600 at the end of the year.  So I emptied out my purse of change and the girls and I worked out each day’s savings (there were quite a few since we’re starting 2 months late).  It was an amazing maths exercise, not to mention learning the different coins.

2016-03-01 14.42.19

And to finish off, THE TOOTH IS FINALLY OUT!!!  Hooray!!

2016-03-01 15.56.20


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