Bugs and Barbies

This week has been necessarily slow because I’ve had a revolting lurgy that’s been doing the rounds.  Last Wednesday I spent the day in bed – luckily J happened to be working from home so he was able to look after them for the day.  The girls were unnerved by the change in routine but thankfully I was able to get out of bed the following day so normality was resumed.  However, it’s taken me until today to feel normal again!

D has managed to watch 3 series of ‘Kung Fu Panda – Legends of Awesomeness’ but this phase has been quickly dropped after watching a new Barbie animation – Rock ‘n’ Royals.  She bought herself a Barbie recently and loved discovering her ‘story’.  She loved it so much in fact that she wanted to buy the other Barbie in the film.  There hasn’t been a lot of interest in Barbies up until now so it’s all quite new to me – the film lacks the emotional depth of My Little Pony (can’t believe I just wrote that) but both girls love it and have already learnt most of the songs by heart.

2016-03-12 08.02.00

I booked tickets to the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham on Thursday so we built in a visit to my parents’ in Nottingham this week.  For the last few days, the girls have been playing Minecraft with their cousin M; we went to the shops so D could buy her new Barbie; M and I visited my Grandma; and today we’ve got more fun with cousins.

In between all that, M has been working on her Sylvanian food craft, and playing a Daisy Cafe Racer app (from Clark’s shoes) – she’s managed to make it to the top of the leaderboard, which she’s very proud of. 😀  However, she’s been more tearful than usual recently and I’m not sure if it’s because of some underlying bug or it’s a new developmental phase?!  Only time will tell I guess.


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