Long Sleeps and Gentle Days

We spent the weekend at my sister’s – M was on some crazy bent to make the most of her time with her cousins – even though she was ill with a heavy cold she still stayed up late and played endlessly with them all!  D doesn’t quite have the stamina yet and was pretty much wiped out physically and emotionally by all the excitement.  It’s a shame they don’t get to spend longer together, it would make for a calmer time, but school gets in the way of fun. 😀

We got back home on Sunday where a very excited J whooshed them into the garden to play with him.  Since then the girls have been in slow recovery mode with long sleeps and gentle days.  Aren’t we lucky to have the time to spend doing things we love (visiting family) and then having the time to recover afterwards?

We spend a lot of time saying ‘aren’t we lucky?’ to ourselves with a bit of a chuckle – my 95 year old Grandma is renowned for saying it to everything.  She recently fell on a tram, hurting her knee badly in the process.  She told me that her first thought was ‘Aren’t I lucky I didn’t hit my head?’.  A reminder of M’s great-grandma’s favourite phrase really helps pull M out of the doldrums.

We went to M’s art class yesterday, our final one until after Easter.  Again, I wasn’t sure she’d have the energy, she looks so pale and full of cold, but she loves it so much she wanted to go anyway.  D and I still spend the time at the nearby Bocketts farm with other Mums from the class.  It was such a lovely sunny day we went outside to their little play area, where D always demands I play a troll trying to catch her on the playhouse bridge.  She also spent a fair amount of time with another little boy, examining the wood chips from the playground floor.  She found a large chunk and began trying to whittle it with a stone.  Since then she has expressed an interest in getting some proper tools to make things with – we watched this YouTube video of a man making a wooden spoon (connections to Kung Fu Panda in Legends of Awesomeness who makes his Dad a dreadful wooden spoon for his birthday).  It’s going to take a lot of bravery on my part to let her loose with carpentry tools. :/

D has also spent most of her time in her imagination over the past few days – with an edge of disappointment that no matter how hard she imagines being a pony, she’ll never be one.  She has mastered walking and sitting like a pony.  The other night she was fidgeting about in bed and when I asked her what was wrong she told me she was trying to sleep like a pony.  She’d like to be a pegasi and has made herself a ‘Cutie Mark’ (My Little Pony) of a person doing a yoga crab pose since this is her talent.  I also helped her make a cloud home for her pegasus, which has given her a lot of joy. 🙂

2016-03-22 16.31.53


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