Shopping, Sickness…. and Minecraft

I should really have taken notes on what we’ve been up to this week but I forgot so this post is not going to be very detailed!  We have come into a nice bit of cash this week (thank you, parents!) and I have been having fun spending it, tee hee.  Our house has always been lacking in soft furnishings due to money being spent elsewhere so I’ve never really felt comfortable enough to spend money on nice things.  The saver in me immediately wanted to put this money away for a rainy day but J insisted we spend some of it so we’ve had a trip to an ironmonger’s in Clapham and John Lewis in Kingston.  The girls don’t get to go shopping much since I tend to buy most things online and shops tend to send them a bit loopy (think hide and seek, which is a bit heart stopping for me when they disappear, and chase, which is never going to end well).  However they seemed to enjoy the ironmongers, and had fun picking out the door knobs they liked.  Yesterday I took M to John Lewis (D hasn’t been well this week and chose to stay at home with J instead) and we had a really lovely time together: M picked out a new pillow to replace her lumpy one and we chose a new sofa throw and cushions.  Afterwards we had coffee and cake in their cafe and marvelled at the river view and the timeline on the wall.

We did have a bit of an upset in the car on the way though – I made an offhand comment about how J had told me a month’s rainfall had fallen in one night, M didn’t understand what I meant and it didn’t matter which way I approached it, she just couldn’t get it.  She really wanted to understand though, which led to a lot of tears.  We’ve had quite a few of these scenarios recently and it always brings to mind an analogy I read somewhere of the difference between an Asperger’s mind and a neuro-typical one: ‘It’s like a mac trying to talk to a PC’.  So I changed tack and tried to talk to her about how her brain is wired differently to mine to which she replied ‘I don’t get it’ with a little smirk.  Ha ha.  We did so much chatting though, it really reminded me of how much she absorbs just through conversation.

So D has been unwell this week, it was building up on Tuesday and I had a very thoughtful and sorrowful D on the way home from dropping M off at Brownies.

2016-06-21 18.26.00

It resulted in her being sick in the night and missing a play date with her friend on Wednesday, poor D.  However, what with illness and the ridiculous amount of rain we’ve had this week there has been a lot of Minecraft play, along with Stampy and Squid videos.

2016-06-22 13.27.13

I’m feeling a bit heart-sore this morning as the news that we’re leaving the EU has been announced.  I dread to think what this means for the future of our girls in this country, but bringing it back to home education I feel reassured that we’re doing the right thing by them in providing them with a fun, loving, unique and rich learning environment that will enable them to thrive anywhere.


4 thoughts on “Shopping, Sickness…. and Minecraft

  1. Very sad day for me, immigrant of over 20 years. But if anything, this has tripled my resolve for home education. I strongly believe that financial literacy must be taught to children and young adults. But that is not going to happen any time soon…. Sadly, it is young people who will pay for older voters’ choice. We hope, D is feeling better, see you next week! Much love from me and D.

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  2. I’m with you, Lucy. I’ve been anxious all week but now it’s done I’m trying to be positive. When I opened my phone this morning (having had 4 separate dreams about the result!) I chose to open a text from my Spanish friend before reading anything else. Her message said (in Spanish): “All’s well that ends well, and if all isn’t well, it isn’t the end.” I can’t think of a better way to find out the referendum result. 🙂

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