Visitors, Changes … and Minecraft

We’ve had our final (!) visitor before we go off on our hols in a few weeks time – Aunty S!  The girls adore her – she really is an unschooling Aunty, joining them in all their games: trying out Minecraft, watching Stampy, chasing them around the garden, playing catch and generally taking an interest in all they do.  At one point, D was crying because it was bedtime and she didn’t want the day to end – that’s how good S is. 🙂

So, after our lovely weekend life has returned to normal, sort of.  I say ‘sort of’ because recently there seems to be a slight change in M with a few instances of ‘I don’t know why I’m crying’ which really resonated with me as it’s exactly what I remember saying during puberty.  I don’t want to jump to conclusions though so I’m just going to see how things pan out for now.

M also seems a tad unsatisfied and J and I wonder if she isn’t being stimulated enough at the moment.  J hit the nail on the head and said ‘it’s like she’s waiting for something’.  I think she needs to go out more and have some different experiences.  I had a quick chat with her at the coffee shop yesterday and she really brightened up at the idea.  Not sure how that’s going to sit with D as she already moans that we go out too much!  It’s impossible to find a balance as one of the girls is always going to be unhappy about going out/staying in so what I might do is give each girl a turn in controlling whether we stay in or go out on certain days.

So on with what we’ve been up to:

Our builder P has started work on re-insulating the loft and brought down an egg-sized wasp nest to show the girls, which was fascinating as we’ve never seen one before!

J took the girls swimming, which they adore and they get the benefits of a mid-week quiet pool.

M is back at work on her Sylvanian Family food – she has just a few more boxes to finish and has made some perfect miniature Fimo bananas, oranges and carrots.

The girls spent about 3 hours giggling and whispering together one day and then revealed they had been making me a holiday resort in Babbaville.  I felt really touched at the amount of thought and work they’d put into it.

2016-06-22 20.03.06

Work continues in Babbaville: M has opened a 6th floor in her department store to make room for a furniture section.  She has also made a new sheep pen with a section for each of the various coloured sheep so that she can collect wool for the store.

I got lost in Babbaville the other day but I managed to mine enough materials to make myself a compass and find my way home again (all without worrying the girls as they get a bit distressed about being lost).  Anyway, the place I got lost in was really lovely so we named it Babba Camp and M has made a path, minecart track and road signs to the camp and some chalets for us to stay in when we visit. 🙂

D has been glued to Stampy’s Lovely World this week – she’s now watched nearly all his videos from the last 4 years!  She really enjoys the story aspect of it and keeps asking ‘was that real or did Stampy edit that?’.  She got quite upset this week as Stampy’s friend L for Lee said he was leaving Stampy’s Lovely World to track down Hit the Target (Stampy’s antagonist).  She was really worried for L for Lee and missed him.  She really gets wrapped up in the story line!

We’ve also watched a few Amy Lee videos and D immediately wanted to change her skin to be like Amy Lee’s – she’s very creative when it comes to her skins.  She copied this one directly from the internet but right now is adapting it to give ‘Rosie Lee’ rainbow leggings. 😀

2016-06-30 19.38.36



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