Grave Thoughts

We have been to two graveyards this week – one because it’s next door to M’s pottery class, and the other because it’s next door to M’s Brownie class.  Even though I’m not religious I still like church graveyards, particularly these two because they’re so pretty.  We’ve had conversations about funeral plans, cremation, why some graves are in disrepair, over-population of graveyards and family tombs…

We are respectful of graves but graveyards are very good for hide and seek… the other day I overheard a Grandmother muttering about how she doesn’t want to be buried in this country because the English turn their graveyards into playgrounds!  If I could hear when I’m dead and buried I think I’d quite like to hear children playing and laughter, rather than eternal silence…

So this is us in our ‘playgrounds’. 😉 D loves the picture below: Cute Twitchy taking flight!

2016-10-03-14-26-04 2016-10-04-18-03-11

We’ve had some interesting conversations this week: this morning D was asking why some people tell their children they won’t get Christmas presents if they’re naughty.  Neither of us could think of a time when D was naughty, but I told D that I would rather she learnt to behave in the right way out of respect for others, rather than for fear of not getting presents.  I’m not sure she understood my reasoning, but she certainly doesn’t understand why presents are dependent on being naughty or nice.  Good.

We went to Nottingham over the weekend for my niece and nephew’s birthdays – M and I had a lovely time but D was very homesick.  She didn’t want to play or go to the party and didn’t really settle until the morning we were due to leave.  We don’t usually go up for such a short time but I didn’t want (and M didn’t want) to miss her two classes – we’re counting down the few remaining Brownie classes she has left. 😦

Yesterday we had a gorgeously autumnal morning at Bushy Park with D’s friend, D.  When we got home we watched some old favourite films – Watership Down and Bambi.  How lovely it is to not be tied down by any curriculum or timetable.  The sausages are free to be children!



2 thoughts on “Grave Thoughts

  1. How come M only has a few Brownies classes left? I thought they didn’t go up to Guides until 10.5? I was very sad to leave Brownies, too. Guides finished at 915pm and I couldn’t stay up that late at 11. I haven’t changed much!

    Aren’t we lucky to have such gorgeous parks (and graveyards!) around us? I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. 🙂

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    1. Hi, our Brownies finishes at 10 – her birthday’s in January but the leader is letting her stay until the term ends at Easter. There are only 9 or 10 sessions a term so not many left! That is a very late finish for guides – I think M would manage ok with it but I would struggle to pick her up that late 🙂 Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend too 🙂

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