Halloween and Thunking

We don’t really celebrate Halloween in this house, not for any particular reason, it’s just never occurred to me to really promote it.  However, this year I thought the girls might want to pick their own pumpkin and carve it.  We had planned to go with friends but they were  poorly so we went to Garsons Farm on our own.

The girls were disappointed not to be seeing their friends but they really enjoyed it and want to go back again soon.  Of course there were Minecraft references while we were there and we talked about what was available to farm in Minecraft compared to real life.  We’re not big veg eaters on the whole so they’re not overly familiar with many vegetables and just seeing how they grow was an education!


We found a pumpkin we liked the look of and D scrubbed it clean when we got home.  This afternoon I gutted it and M designed and carved it on her own:

2016-10-22-14-18-13 2016-10-22-15-25-18

I didn’t realise that you can also pick your own flowers at Garsons – M was thrilled to pick a small bunch, and then had fun photographing them at home – she got really into positioning the flowers for the perfect picture and using the zoom function to capture the petal shapes.

2016-10-21-13-27-28 2016-10-21-14-52-51 2016-10-21-14-55-59

I’ve bought a few books recently and this one in particular was brilliant for keeping the girls entertained in the car:


I love it!  It’s primarily aimed at teachers for group work with children but the questions in it are fantastic.  I’ve written recently about how M needs to be challenged and stretched more than she has been – I started to wonder whether some sort of maths program might suit her (as she’s also expressed an interest in trying Mathletics again), just to get her thinking through problems, but as I was perusing Amazon I came across this ‘thunking’ book – it was just what I was looking for.

The thunks I posed to both of them in the car were: ‘If I borrowed a million pounds, would I be a millionaire?’ and ‘Is Marmite nice?’ – they were the only ones I could remember from the book at the time.  They loved it and we had a really good rabbit-hole type chat.  Once D understood there is no right or wrong answer she had a good thunk too.  They were asking for more and more questions so I had to start making some up – next time I’ll have to remember to bring the book. 🙂

The rest of the week has been spent playing Minecraft and Terraria (of course) and watching Stampy (of course): this is D looking very autumnal and cosy 🙂


M has been working towards a ‘Friend to Animals’ Brownie badge – the first part involves making a poster about a pet so M watched a YouTube video on how to draw a rabbit. 🙂


I took D to the doctor’s to see about her never-ending cold.  He had no answers but suggested we try a nasal spray for a month.  D was worrying all the way home about it.  I chatted to her about what it would feel like and how she needed to weigh up the annoyance of her cold against being brave and trying the spray.  In the end I said I wouldn’t force her to do it, she has to want to it: her body, her rules.  When we got home she thought about it for an hour before deciding to try it out – hooray!  She is so full of fears I really didn’t think she’d go for it so I’m very pleased she did.

This week J and I celebrated our 14th anniversary together so we decided to take the girls into London to have a go on the singing see-saws in Leicester Square and then go for a meal afterwards.  Unfortunately I didn’t realise the square would close at 6pm (I don’t remember this happening back in my London-frequenting days?) so we missed it but had a lovely time at a restaurant afterwards anyway.

My niece has been in hospital this week – the girls have been full of interest about her poorly leg, and we were all worried about her too.  J got them writing and singing a song to cheer her up in hospital (I’ll spare you the video and just show a screen shot of the three of them) and they also made lovely cards for her.


This week J has also had them doing a jigsaw and he took them to the park, managing to fit in playing around a very busy job – he’s a bit of a whirlwind. 🙂


Phew – sorry for the long post, when I started out I didn’t think I had that much to write about!

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