Maths Thoughts

I mentioned last week that M was interested in trying Mathletics again (we had a subscription a couple of years ago but I let it lapse as M stopped enjoying it) and I managed to get a free 10 day trial for her.  I think her main motivation is so that she can do something her cousin A is doing, so it will be interesting to see how long the interest is maintained.

M hasn’t done any formal maths for 2.5 years, yet she is still capable of doing most of the maths that her schooled peer group are doing.  I’ve been feeling very smug about that: just think of all those hours she’s saved doing hours and hours of repetitive worksheets, year after year!

This week we’ve been learning partitioning – both of us know how to do this but what we didn’t know is how to work it out ‘formally’ i.e. in the way that Mathletics wants us to do it. I have been quelling rebellious comments of how there are so many ways to get to the right answer, and how boringly repetitive school maths is;  instead I’m thinking happy thoughts of how M has just assimilated this stuff just through living her life.

We’ve also covered skip-counting – M didn’t know what that was so when I described it to her she immediately said “Oh!  We played that in the park with Daddy!”

The girls asked to do sums in the car the other day – M wanted partitioning questions and D wanted subtractions.  After each sum we talked about how each of us arrived at our answer, and we were all different each time.  I love it: they’re free to do maths in whichever way they please!

During one of our Mathletics sessions, M asked “What is the point of maths?”.  I asked myself that question most days at school, but I found I could honestly answer that all the maths she’s used so far has been useful to her in her life, and that is why she has learnt it. So hurrah for unschooling and life-learning. 🙂

I mentioned in a previous post that I’m wondering about stopping this blog – I still haven’t decided yet but I have been trialing Instagram this week.  It’s a good way for me to track activities that don’t always fit into a blog narrative – sometimes posts can become a bit ‘listy’.  So if you need some daily Educating Sausages love, come and join me over there. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Maths Thoughts

  1. I just found your blog! I enjoyed this post (as a fellow homeschooler) and remember how wonderful math was as the boys learned it naturally. I hated math in school and when you talk of the repetition I totally get that! I have been using IG for a bit for my artwork and have recently opened up a more personal account for I find getting to blogging can be hard somedays and it’s easy to record on IG with a little note for posterity. 😉

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    1. Hello! Yes, the repetition in the maths curriculum is incredible, M’s doing Y4 at the moment and I’d hazard a guess that 75% of it was learnt in Y1 when she was at school :/ – what a boring waste of time…

      I’m getting into Instagram though I’m beginning to wonder if I’m spending too much time taking and choosing photos 😜

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