About Us

We’re a family of 4: me, J and our two daughters M (6) and D (4).  We’ve been home educating as of summer 2013.  You can read about our reasons for HEing here.

This is us
This is us

So here’s our home education philosophy:

We aim to provide a learning environment which is calm and geared towards both our daughters’ needs.  We plan to help our girls learn in a variety of ways with the emphasis on:

  • the joy of learning
  • promoting their natural inquisitiveness
  • giving the girls some control over their learning
  • increasing their independence and self-motivation to learn

There is a possibility of either sausage rejoining school at a later date so we shall ensure that they cover the national curriculum, with particular emphasis on readiness for the 11+ exams.  Just in case.

2014 EDIT!

The general philosophy hasn’t changed much but we began to realise that the semi-structured approach was not helping develop a love of learning for either sausage.  So with that in mind we have gradually been unschooling ourselves and therefore giving the sausages TOTAL autonomy over their learning.

Furthermore, as we watched the UK school system slide even lower in our esteem under Michael Gove’s dubious ideas, we’ve totally gone off the idea of the sausages returning to school.  They don’t appear to be missing out on a whole lot to be honest.

7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi, thanks for the follow on Twitter. I’m always glad to connect with other parents, especially home educating ones! Love your aims; I don’t think there could be a better objective for education. Following those, the rest will fall into place! Hope you have as much joy in it as we did. All the best. x


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