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Poorly… again.

Dearie me, D is poorly again.  Yesterday, she obviously knew something was up and decided she needed to lie down with a blanket over her (in this heat!).  She seemed to swing from being energetic and creative then back to poorly again.

First all I got her doing some roller painting, which I found here.  It didn’t work quite so well as we had hoped but she had fun doing it anyway.  She loves that roller!

20150629_104301 20150629_122506

And she also made some gorgeous watercolour pictures after seeing M doing the same.  The second one is the sky – love the pink clouds!

20150629_102254 20150629_102304

She has also been doing a bit of Teach Your Monster to Read and has been writing quite a few lists for various things.  She’s a very capable reader and writer, she just lacks confidence at the moment.

Then it was time for a lie down and a movie…


M was ‘just’ being creative all day after finding her watercolour pad whilst searching for something else in her drawers.  She really did sit and paint ALL day, interspersed with the occasional run-around in the garden.  It was too hot to do much else!  The last picture was inspired from watching the Lion King – there’s a scene right at the start that shows ants marching along a branch with zebra walking below.  I love it!

20150629_125113 20150629_125122 20150629_173604

Inspired by D (who made a Lego gun to shoot a baddy (J) trying to steal animals from her zoo), M made a working Lego gun that shoots out Lego ‘bullets’ – it’s a really extraordinary machine.


The sausages never cease to amaze me.

We had a dreadful night last night: M and I couldn’t sleep even though it was gone midnight and D was waking over and over again with nausea, all night long.  She’s still nauseous today but is again running around and then sitting back down again with the sick jug and a movie!

She has been mainly watching the Lion King on loop but did find time to do some tessellating..

20150630_123236 20150630_125228

And a Rothko-esk watercolour…


Unfortunately, M missed her art class this morning due to D’s illness and my tiredness.

She has been too hot and tired to do much but did dig out her old puzzle cubes:


It’s day 3 of my push to ‘strew’ more food choices.  I’ve been preparing monkey platters every morning as if I’m packing to be out for the day!  Sandwiches, crisps, chocolate, fruit, veg and dips.  It’s working well for M because she struggles to think of what food she feels like – now she picks at what she can see.  I’m not sure if it’s going to work for D in terms of getting more variety into her diet but she certainly hasn’t eaten as many flakes over the last few days, though that could be down to her illness rather than anything else.


M finished the day off at Brownies, while D summoned up a burst of energy to go the park with her Aunt Sh and Uncle F!  She was out like a light this evening.  I hope she’s better tomorrow because I’ve booked something really good in London…


Our Unschooling Journey

I’ve written a guest post over on Adventures in Homeschool today – all about our journey from semi-structured to unschoolers.  Please follow the link below to have a read!

What We’ve Been Up To This Week

Now I’ve got the unschooling food thing off my chest, I can now brain-dump what we’ve been up to this week!

It really doesn’t feel like a whole lot has been going on this last week – we had a couple of cancellations (which always throws me).  There was quite a bit of art going on as usual.

Firstly, M finished her mermaid pencil drawing (I’ve noticed she is starting to get better and better at finishing things!):


Tuesday was spent at art class in the morning, where M finished her copy of Van Gogh’s Irises!!!  It’s taken her two terms to finish it and I’m so pleased she has!  I’m also really really glad that she’s with a teacher who will let her take her time (always an issue with her school work).  I think I might actually prefer M’s painting to the original!  It’s been oohed and ahhed over by many people and I can’t wait to get it up on the wall.


Here is the original, in case you’re not familiar with it:


Later that day we went to Brownies.  M wasn’t really in the mood to go but went along so that she could prepare for sports day later that week.  It seemed like she enjoyed herself but unfortunately sports day was later cancelled because of a lack of participants – such a shame!

On Wednesday we had planned to go to Garson’s Farm to pick some strawberries but when the day arrived, neither sausage wanted to go out.  D wanted to do some ‘action painting’, having been inspired by Creative Galaxy and Jackson Pollock.  So I taped some long sheets of paper to the shed and she swiped and splatted it and thoroughly enjoyed herself.


While D was outside painting in the sunshine, M was busy playing on a game I’ve just downloaded called SimCity BuildIt.  She’s really into it and was calling out to me ‘I love this game!!!’

D is very quick at getting her ideas out of her system and she then wanted to move on to painting our old cardboard fort.  She galvanised M into helping her paint the inside red and the outside yellow using a large paintbrush and a little paint roller.


We’ve been walking quite a bit this week.  Well, M races ahead on her bike while D and I walk along chatting.  She is intriguing to talk to – I can have long and deep conversations with M but talking to D is completely different: her mind flits from one thought to the next.  She tells me about things she’s learnt, things she’s imagined, how she’s feeling, memories etc etc.  On one of these walks she came out with something that made me chuckle.  She said, “Mum? Homeschool saved me.”  “From what?”  “From school”.

We also had a great time at our social group this week.  M is feeling really comfortable there now, and really looks forward to going!


Thanks to our Spotify account, we’ve been doing tons of listening and dancing to music – I’m going to really miss it when our free trial is up!  M’s singing voice has vastly improved and she has a really good memory for lyrics.  We’ve had lots of kitchen discos this week. 🙂

I’ve also been reading to D much more than usual – she has been quite tired this week (too many late nights and early mornings!) and she’s found a few old favourites that she enjoyed when she was 4, like Toffee Takes a Nap (the drawings are so cute) but I love the fact that she has now dared to read Not Now Bernard, which has to be my all time favourite children’s book EVER!!  But a new book arrived today – huzzah!!  Lately I have banned myself from buying anything new due to our restricted finances but I could not resist this one.  I first heard about it on Adventures in Homeschool and knew that D would love it!


I read it to both sausages when they got back from Judo today.  Although it’s not a particularly funny book, we all ended up laughing over it – the mistakes the explorers made seem insane knowing what we know now (Columbus thinking he could sail from Europe to China and accidentally finding America instead), and imagining what we would say to those horrible greedy men who enslaved the Native Americans.  D stood up and announced she would “swim all the way across the ocean and tell them to stop it”.  All in all it was a great success – it really captured their imaginations!

And finally, if you head on over to my new Facebook page, D wanted to make a video of her story about “a little constellation bull called Taurus”…

Unschooling Food – Our Progress

I’ve been struggling with food lately, having a bit of a wobble about it in fact.  I find it very hard to juggle all this strewing I need to do in order to be an effective unschooler.

It’s easier (apart from the dinner battles) to dictate meals and restrict sugar intake but it didn’t really work for us: M has always had just a few meals that she appreciated but they seemed so limited (think pasta and pesto and fish fingers 5x a week!); and D was similar with her limitations – she would eat lovely balanced meals but very few of them.  But my biggest issue was how much they both revered chocolate and would place that above all other food!

So my plan is/was to place chocolate on the same plateau (pardon the pun) as other foods.  It’s been about 6 months or so since we began unschooling food and so far it’s been partially successful.  M’s diet is slowly expanding to include different kinds of meat, a couple of fruits, almond milk and other wonders.  D is the reason for the wobble: she must have eaten chocolate wafers for 90% of our recent French holiday (the other 10% was olives, phew).  When we got back from France her diet has been 90% Cadbury’s Flake and 10% Nutella on toast.  I had hoped we’d be out of the chocolate bingeing phase by now but it seems not.

I want the sausages to be totally in touch with their bodies’ needs.  I can teach them all there is to know about nutrition but if they want chocolate, they want chocolate.  I am not going to tell D not to eat so much chocolate as I think she’d probably want it even more.  I don’t want her to feel guilty about eating it either.  I’m trying to remove all emotion associated with food (except joy!) so that the sausages grow up without any dietary issues that so many people have.

As is the way with unschooling, you have to unpick a lot of your own issues for it to be really effective.  I’ve found it really helpful to mentally remove all guilt from my chocolate eating habits.  Strangely, I found it very easy!  I can now eat chocolate in front of the sausages at any time of day, rather than sneakily stuffing it in my gob after they’d gone to bed. 🙂  And now I feel less guilty about it, I actually eat less of it!  Recently, I went on a ‘cream binge’ and I must have got through 3 or 4 pots of it (poured over strawberries) in a fortnight until my appetite was satiated.  I like to think that my body was telling me this is what I needed so I went with it… and it felt good!

So I’ve been working on making other food more attractive: I’ve bought some brightly coloured party platters which I plan to leave out in the lounge for the girls to graze on; and I’ve been putting platters out near where they’re playing.   Over the past few months I’ve become quite lax about monkey platters, partly because I ran out of ideas and partly because I don’t seem to find the time to organise them.  So I’m trying to get myself and the girls enthused about their food again by providing them with a range of easily accessible food, that looks tempting to eat.

One of D’s major food issues is that she won’t readily try new foods.  I’ve been baking various goodies to tempt her into a bit of home made food (even chocolate based food!) but although she’s happy to help me bake, she won’t eat the finished result.  I hope that by putting various foods out that she might not necessarily ask for, she’ll get used to the sight and smell of them without any pressure to try.

I am confident that we’re on the right path, but when you wander down a road that not many travel on, I guess it’s only natural to have a wobble now and then.


Fruit, Drawing and Mermaids

We’ve been doing all sorts over the past few days.  On Thursday I got the girls making rainbow fruit kebabs – partly because it tied in with a story I made up and told to D one night, and partly because they have very little knowledge of fruit with our family not being big fruit eaters.  It probably kept them occupied for all of 2 minutes but I think they enjoyed it anyway.


I also got them outside, decorating our awful soon-to-be-knocked-down shed.  They flicked, sprayed and painted it!  And then they moved onto the paving slabs.  The good thing about having a trampy garden is that they can totally mess it up and it generally looks even better 🙂

20150618_135607 20150618_160312 20150618_160404

On Friday we went to our local HE meet up where they got to make giant bubbles, make chalk drawings and play with the other kids.  They didn’t want to leave!

20150619_132523 20150619_133827

That evening, my sister S came to stay for a few nights.  The sausages were sooo excited! They spent a few hours before bed showing S all that they had made and telling her all that they had learnt.  On Saturday morning they went off to Judo (with Aunty S) and then she took them to the park in the afternoon (they were still going crazy with excitement!).  M also performed a play with some puppets she’s been making this week:


On Sunday, J hosted a barbecue for some ex-work colleagues and their partners.  We were lucky with the weather and J had made some great curry too.  I only had to endure one ‘socialisation’ query but mostly the guests found the sausages very entertaining (and who wouldn’t?) as they performed ‘Let It Go’ and took the guests’ drinks orders!

Of course, Sunday was also Father’s Day and the girls had spent many hours preparing their cards:

20150620_153702 20150620_153847

And they had also prepared some birthday cards in advance of Aunty S’s birthday:

20150620_154026 20150622_092126

Aunty S left this morning so today has been quite downbeat and as it’s been raining for most of the day we spent it indoors.  We watched Annie and then I decided to tackle clearing out the girls’ drawers.  The girls were reminded of all the lovely forgotten things in there so D got sewing/sticking/drawing and M rediscovered her Fimo.

D has also made up a game using maths on our hopscotch tiles: I have to give her a number and she has to put her feet on the numbers that can be added, subtracted or multiplied to get to that number.  It’s really good!


The sausages grabbed 5 minutes in the garden between showers but they both ran in again to tell me they’d been inspired to draw mermaids after seeing D’s hair dangling while upside down on the climbing frame!  They sat and drew pictures for an hour and have now sat down to watch The Little Mermaid. 🙂


Playing, Music and Films

The past few days have been very slow paced, mainly because our car has been in the garage.  It was supposed to be back with us on Monday evening but the garage let us down so we had to miss M’s art class on Tuesday morning.  Whenever my plans for the day go awry I can never seem to settle to anything else so we sort of pootled about all day.   Well, I did. However, the girls were very busy playing a game of pirates on the climbing frame:


It went on for quite some time and at the end they turned it into a show which I was invited to watch – I love to see M acting as it isn’t something that comes naturally to her.  D on the other hand is a born actress. 🙂

They also had a long game with their long-forgotten Disney Fairy dolls.  It’s rare for the sausages to get on well these days so Tuesday was wonderful.  The other remarkable thing about Tuesday was that ‘I’m bored’ was not uttered once!  Amazing.


Jeff is planning to have a party for a few work colleagues on Sunday so we set up a Spotify account to get some new party music – I’ve been playing music non-stop since!  I was getting quite bored of my collection so it was lovely to have new stuff to play.  It’s led us down all sorts of avenues too – M wanted to listen to music she loved from the films she watched, like this one from Regina Specktor, which is played at the end of Prince Caspian.  We also listened to the new Annie film’s soundtrack which led to us watching the movie, which led to me giving M a long explanation of how Twitter works (it’s is used to rescue Annie from her kidnappers) and what a foster child is.

Aunty Sh took the girls to the park and then we had Brownies that evening and M had to prepare for her Promise.  She had to have done a good deed that day so she helped me hang up the washing and make pancakes.  She does good deeds daily (she’s a born Brownie!) but we wanted to mark something in particular to tell the Brown Owl.  Naturally, she was feeling nervous about it as she wasn’t sure what to expect but she learnt the Promise by heart and got through it.  Sorry for the blurred photo.


She also received her first badge – the cook badge – which she’s very proud of!

Wednesday was more of the same, I had planned to take the girls out on their bikes to the local park but D was having none of it.  She said that her life wasn’t fair because M always got to decide whether we go out or not (this is true – M gets the final say because if it was up to D we’d never go out).  I tried to find a compromise but I guess in that situation someone is always going to be disappointed.  This time it was M as D was in such a bad mood there was no persuading her.

So we stayed in and we watched Beetlejuice, after a recommendation from another blogger!  It turns out D might have been feeling a little unwell as she vomited halfway through the film and continued to be sick throughout the night.  She’s better again this morning though thank goodness.

We also had a look at the latest videos from The Kid Should See This: M loved this origami one and this time lapsed video of a New York skyline drawing led to us watching this music video by my very talented and lovely cousin, Zoe Johnston.

Times Tables, Little Women and Archaeology

This is the contrasting life of home education!

M has rekindled her desire to learn the times tables and keeps asking me to test her on her 3x and 4x.  This has led to some funny moments of us chanting and clapping, while M tries to hit the swing ball and answer at the same time, meanwhile D does a hilarious stomp around the lounge. 🙂

We’ve given up on trying to get through the Chronicles of Narnia.  We managed The Magician’s Nephew and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe but Prince Caspian didn’t have the edge of the first two books and we decided to give up on it 3/4 of the way through.  We were struggling to think of what to read next so I had a rifle through some long-forgotten books on the bedroom shelf and found one that we tried to read a year or so ago: Little Women from the Usborne Young Reading series.  What a winner!  Both sausages now adore this book and have asked for it to be read over and over and asking sooooo many questions about the girls and their lives.

I have also tried reading Our Island Story to D but there weren’t enough pictures to hold her interest.  I might carry on with it myself as it’s a great read.

We had a trip to our local HE group, where the girls had a play with a few other children but mostly got stuck into learning how to play Solitaire and making pictures with the counters:


The sausages had a busy day on Saturday – first of all they went off to Judo (where they’ve both been moved up into the older children’s class!) and then we went off to the World Archaeology Festival 2015 at the UCL.

First of all they made roman oil lamps with clay:


Then we watched a deer being skinned – I can’t believe we all managed to stomach it.  D was not in the least bit interested and M felt sorry for the deer (but I don’t think it will affect her meat eating habits!):


We tried making fire with flint and steel but the sausages found it too difficult so we went over to the sand pit and the girls dug for bones and pottery instead.  D loved this bit and the staff had lots of patience for explaining the origins of each piece they found.


The sausages also got their faces painted with handprints:

20150613_133802 20150613_133829

And M had a go at dissecting (pretend) poo to identify whose poo it was:


D had a go at cave painting:


And they both tried to identify objects covered in clay using magnets, magnifying glasses and x-rays:


But probably their most favourite part was a man who turned copper coins into ‘gold’!

20150613_140631 20150613_143328

We were there for 3 hours and only covered half of it but we were too tired to continue!

Today we’ve had a much needed quiet day – lots of films and computer games 🙂