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Still Poorly, Still Learning

We’re not doing very well here – M has been too poorly to be able to do much.  It started on Sunday night and has continued off and on since then.  D is absolutely fine but is missing her playmate.

D has made up for it with lots of activities though.  Even M has been managing a couple of bits here and there.  On Monday we made Christmas decorations, inspired by this post on Artful Parent.  I made a yellow star, D made a multi-coloured one and M made a colourful pine cone.  She added a very pretty detail on the top too.

20151123_125033 20151123_125149

We also made a Lego Nativity scene, inspired by this post on Frugal Fun 4 Boys.  M made the sheep while D and I made Mary, Joseph and Jesus.  M still wants to make a shepherd but hasn’t managed it yet.


D decided she would like to make a crown and throne for her bunny (to go with the felt wig!) so we set about making it together.  D has never really been one for proper construction (like M, who seems to have a feel for it in her bones) so she really learnt a lot about measuring and right angles this time.


We seem to have been holed up in the lounge for days now.  D was suffering from cabin fever a bit last night but on the whole she has loved the endless pyjama days!  M has been too ill to get off the sofa so we haven’t been able to go out.  What has really helped over the past two days is an audio book of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.  I signed up to a free month on Audible and chose it as my first book – I’m so glad I did.  Both girls have been listening but it’s been especially helpful to M, who is too ill to concentrate on the telly but seems to be able to listen to a book.

D has invented a new game (she’s got a great imagination and comes up with some hilarious games) where she’s a teacher who has to tell her students (me and M) about something from the posters on our bedroom wall.  Last night it was the number chart: I had to pick a number and then she would tell me about it – I was really impressed as she was explaining units and tens to me and then hundreds.  It then turned into a game where I would give her a sum and D had to point to it on the chart.  We got into division and how ‘half’ is the same as ‘divided by two’.  I was really pleased with both girls’ level of knowledge considering we don’t do any formal maths, we just talk about numbers a fair amount.  I’m beginning to see how much maths really is everywhere and how their maths knowledge really does have the potential to grow and expand, with no worksheets in sight.  By the by, M astounded me last week when the girls were discussing what score to give a dancer on Strictly – D couldn’t decide whether to give her 1/10 or 10/100 and M said ‘it doesn’t matter, they’re both the same’?!!!!  You see?  Maths can even be applied to Strictly Come Dancing. 😀

Tonight we had two ‘lessons’.  The first one was about skeletons – considering she hasn’t read her See Inside Your Body book for over a year I was seriously impressed by how much she remembered.  She did a lovely talk on the whole body starting with the skull and finishing with the feet, then I was tested at the end! Our second lesson was on the Solar System – D told me so much about Earth, again I was amazed by how much she remembered about the Pangaea and Earth’s axis but most of all I was amazed to hear her recount some of the things we’d learnt from watching Colour: The Spectrum of Science.  I don’t know why I was amazed, she loves that programme. 🙂

I don’t think there’s any chance we’ll get out of the house tomorrow but fingers crossed for Friday.

A Week in the Life of a Home Educating Family: Saturday 2015

Wow I can’t believe I made it to the end of the week.  And what an odd week it’s been with just about all our usual activities being cancelled for one reason or another.  We seem to have had quite an indoorsy and isolated week, which perhaps isn’t the best advert for home ed!  Most people outside the home ed community would assume that socialisation is a problem for home educated children, but that’s because they’re looking at us through schooly goggles.  I heard on a telly programme this week (was it My Little Pony?) that your family are your first friends: well, the fact that the sausages are still speaking to each other after the week we’ve had speaks volumes. 😀

Anyway, time for my final installment of A Week in the Life 2015.  If you missed the previous days’ posts, please click here:

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I have a lovely lie-in which was nice after yesterday’s early start.  The girls wake up too.  I go downstairs and feed the bunnies, leaving the girls snuggled in bed.  After I’ve made a cup of tea I go up again to see if they’re ready to get up but they’re not.


J notices it’s snowing – we tell M as she appears downstairs and she runs off shrieking the news to D.  D comes down and I show them another Story Bots video I found last night.  While we’re on YouTube, D spots a My Little Pony video she hasn’t seen before and the girls get immersed in that.  The snow stops after a 5 minute flurry.


J decides he has too much work to do so doesn’t want to take the girls to Judo this morning so he takes them out to see his parents and then onto the park.  I stay in and decide it’s high time I vacuumed the lounge: there is crunching underfoot and crumbs all over the sofas.  This is my ‘me-time’ – I used to begrudge the fact that I spent hours cleaning on ‘my time’, but these days I use it as a way of processing my thoughts, listening to my favourite radio programme and most of all, regain control of my environment.  I’m really not uber-clean but if I feel like the house is too dirty/messy then I get quite stressed about it which affects my time with the girls.


I have a coffee and apple crumble break.  I’m just starting to have a look through the YouTube for Kids app when there’s a knock at the door – it’s the sausages!  They’ve been at the park for over 3 hours and are in high spirits.  I get a little serenade before they come in, followed by J.  J really does love playing with them and gets easily distracted, hence skipping 45 minutes of Judo ‘because he’s got too much work to do’ to spending 3 hours at the park instead…



J goes upstairs to nap work.  The sausages play My Little Pony on the iPad together and then I remember that Inside Out is released on DVD this weekend.  I look through Amazon Video and buy it so we can watch together.  It’s a really interesting film and such a great way of getting the concept of emotions, and the importance of each emotion, across to children.  I can’t say the girls understand the point of the film yet but it generally takes a few goes to cement films into the sausages’ minds.


J comes down again.  After running around the house trying to guess what emotion the other is feeling, the girls settle down to Minecraft.  I sit with them and sew on M’s new Brownie badge and put their new gloves onto elastic.


I make dinner for J and me and then we watch 2 episodes of Have I Got News For You.  I think it’s the first time we’ve both watched a grown up programme together in front of the girls!


The girls decided earlier that they wanted to watch Strictly Come Dancing live this time (usually we record it on TiVo and fast forward through the boring bits) so I put it on.  They were mega excited and spent the entire programme copying the dances and making up their own routines.  Strangely, I think this is the first day in a long long time where they haven’t fallen out once?!


It’s up to bed.  They are still really giggly (in a hilarious way – not a manic I’m-going-to-burst-into-tears-at-any-moment way, which is more common at bedtime) and they decide they’d rather jump about on the bed than have a story.  So I read Heidi for 5 minutes and then make a quick exit.  Now they’re making a den and I can hear a lot of shrieks and laughter.

What a lovely, joyful end to the week. 🙂


A Week in the Life of a Home Educating Family: Friday 2015

I was just reading Friday’s post from 2014’s ‘A Week in the Life‘ and it seems I picked an odd week to do it then too!  I still like what I wrote a year ago though:

“What I love about our life though is the little things: the tiny sparkles of funniness throughout the day; the joy I have in learning together with the sausages; the joy I have when they have learnt something for themselves; and the overriding fact that they are 100% happier at home than at school!”

Amazing that I still feel the same way really: I don’t feel jaded by HE, even if it is bloody hard work.  It’s like waking up in the morning and realising you’ve got the best job in the world. 🙂

So, on with the day!  If you missed the previous days’ posts, please click here:

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I wake early after M’s toy falls out of bed and bangs on the floor.  Last night M asked me to finish an order on Farmville so I come downstairs, feed the bunnies, make a cup of tea and play on the iPad for a while.


D is awake, we can hear her upstairs.  J goes up to see her and she pretends to be asleep in bed.  She eventually comes down, all pleased with herself for having fooled Daddy.


M wakes and gives the bunnies some peanuts.  She takes over the Farmville order.


D finishes painting her box – it’s all done!  Afterwards she watches M playing Farmville and helps her while eating Hula Hoops (we’re having a Hula Hoop day).  I get lost in Facebook.



D interrupts my Facebook reverie to ask me to Google a picture of what earth would look like without oxygen.  There doesn’t seem to be one – I find a pretty comprehensive article but I can’t absorb it right now.  I make a mental note to look at it properly later.


I go upstairs to get dressed.  The girls are playing K’Nex and Multi Cubes when I come down.  J is trying to show D how the cubes relate to the times table.  I do a bit of dusting in the lounge and then I ask the girls to get dressed for our weekly social group, Curious Minds.  D is upset and says she doesn’t want to go this week.  We take it in turns as to who gets the final say in whether we go out or not and today it’s M’s turn.  M wants to go so I reassure D that I’ll take the iPad with me if she really isn’t in the mood to play.  That cheers her up a bit.


D paints a clay sculpture she made a week ago.  This inspires M to do some clay work too and she decides to make some tiny beads with little patterns engraved on them.


We get to Curious Minds and D is still not in the mood.  She gets upset in a football game and doesn’t recover from it.  M tries to engage her in dismantling a plug but that only lasts a few minutes.  Eventually, M decides it’s time to go home as her usual play mates aren’t there today anyway.  I get some interesting questions in the car on the way home: they ask why Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th, which leads onto the Queen having 2 birthdays and then onto what the Queen Mother is called and why she isn’t/wasn’t still Queen.



D watches Lapin Cretin on YouTube.  M carries on making clay beads.  I make an apple crumble.


M and I watch Back to the Future 3.  She has so many questions and she copes admirably with all the complicated space time continuum stuff.


M calls her cousin A to play Animal Crossing together.  It doesn’t go so well today though as they keep getting disconnected and then A has to go for her dinner.  We’re all quite tired so the evening continues with My Little Pony an Heidi on Netflix.


J comes home and he watches a My Little Pony with the girls before it is time for them to go upstairs.


As D isn’t really into bedtime stories of late, I show her the new YouTube app for kids and both girls immediately get stuck into watching LOADS of videos – they especially love Story Bots and watch them over and over.  M loves it so much she decides she doesn’t want a story either so we sit and take turns choosing videos to watch.


I come down and find J asleep on sofa.  As usual, I’m exhausted so I’ll just finish this off and then go to bed too!

A Week in the Life of a Home Educating Family: Thursday 2015

I wasn’t planning on having a free day today but that’s how it turned out – I feel like we’ve had a great positive day though, even if it was another day indoors!

I you missed the previous days’ posts, please click here:

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I wake and go to feed the bunnies.  I get the shock of my life because Morris won’t wake up: he’s just lying flat in his tray although I can see him breathing.  I talk to him – no response.  I lift the tray out of the cage so I can reach him better and start stroking him to see if I can rouse him – no response.  I then think maybe I should lift him out and he jumps awake!  Phew. What was that all about?!  Then D starts calling down the stairs “Mum, why are you up so late?”.  Turns out she thinks it’s the middle of the night and was wondering why I wasn’t in bed.  She’s a bit wobbly after that and I feel wobbly after the scare Morris gave me.  We have a cuddle and sit and read a couple of Jake and the Neverland Pirate books together.  What a weird start to the day!


M comes down and I make Coco Pops for her and porridge for D.  D seems to eat in cycles – one day she’ll exist on Hula Hoops and the next day she’ll have three full meals.


I have invited friends over today so we set to work tidying up.  Both girls help me clean the bunnies’ cage out and sweep the kitchen floor.  Unschooling very much works on a ‘no punishment, no rewards’ basis – the girls get no rewards for cleaning, they do it because they want to.  They know I really appreciate it though and they actually enjoy the jobs they do, to the extent that they fight over it sometimes!


Our friends have the same bug that D had so can’t come today.  Tidying is cancelled. 😀  I sit and have my porridge while the girls play on the iPad.


D wants me to make a wig for her bunny.  I ask her to draw a picture of how she wants it to look.  D helps me to draw it out using tailor’s chalk onto red felt.

20151119_091736 20151119_095407


I go for a shower.  M practices piano while D plays with her bunny.


M wants to learn a new tune on the piano so I show her the first few bars of Silent Night.  D interrupts and irritates M, so I distract D by getting her started on painting her treasure box.


We start to make M’s cookie cakes.  D wants to join in but she doesn’t want to be friends with M.  M would like her to help but not if D is still going to be annoying.  They reach an impasse.  We decide that D should do her own baking so I get her started on some chocolate cookies.  Their Aunt Sh comes over for coffee and chats while we help the girls mix ingredients.


Aunt Sh goes home.  All the baking is out of the oven.  M practices Silent Night while they cool.  I begin all the clearing up from the morning’s activities in the kitchen.


The girls play with K’Nex while I iron and tidy upstairs.


I come downstairs to continue cleaning and check my to do list.  Since the girls are still busy I get on with clearing out a kitchen cupboard.  D paints another colour onto her box while I clean.


I finish the cupboard and sit down with a cup of tea.  D wants to do something so I make her a crown out of K’Nex.  She then wants a sceptre and orb made from it too so I do that.  Then she wants a coronation so I do that too!  We then watch Back to the Future 2.  D is insistent on not watching so I set her up with the iPad but she ends up watching and following the plot anyway!


I go to cook dinner while D puts on another film – Alvin and the Chipmunks – The Squeakuel.  M plays on Animal Crossing.


M Facetimes her cousin – they visit each other on Animal Crossing and time travel to Christmas Day!


D wants to continue painting her box and M is still on Facetime.  After D has finished painting (she has very clear ideas about how she wants things to look, but takes no time at all in carrying it out!) I encourage her to play with the Multi Cubes.  They haven’t been out for a long long time so she’s interested – she spends over an hour making a shape, which I point out shows off the 1 x table quite nicely.



We go upstairs a bit later today as I get absorbed in reading a few blogs, M is busy finishing a Christmas card for her cousin and D is playing with the Multi Cubes.  I read Heidi to M and play on My Little Pony on the iPad with D for a while.


I’m back downstairs again and once I’ve done a couple of jobs I’ll be going back up again!


A Week in the Life of a Home Educating Family: Wednesday 2015

There was more activity today, which shows the sausages are pretty much better again, huzzah.

If you missed the previous days’ posts, please click here:

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I wake and make a cuppa.  I go through my emails and start next week’s online food shop (it’s a never ending process!).


The girls wake together and I can hear them chatting happily together.  D tells me later that M was showing her how to play Solitaire and they both brushed their hair.


The girls have breakfast and play with the bunnies before going back upstairs as M wants to continue teaching D how to play cards.  I go back on my laptop to look through our nature curriculum: we haven’t looked at it for weeks and I’m wondering about going to the common today.  Wednesday is our free day so we either stay in, go out, meet friends, go shopping, whatever we want – such is the beauty of home ed and its flexibility!


They both come down again to sit with me on the sofa: D works on her times tables sticker book and M plays solitaire on the iPad.  When D asks me what 1 x 11 is and I try to explain it to her, it becomes apparent that she does get multiplication yet – or has she forgotten?  I’m sure she understood it before!  I make a mental note to get some manipulatives out to help her.  We get dressed and ready to go out.  I happen to find some hand-me-down boots for both of them and they love them so much that they want to wear them to the common.  I envisage new boots caked in mud so I suggest the park instead, which they agree to.



We walk to the park and there’s a fair bit of falling over as it’s much muddier than I remembered.  Nevertheless, we have a good time and we only leave when I get too cold to stand it anymore.

20151118_105442_8 20151118_110331_4 20151118_111844 20151118_112954


We get back and have a hot chocolate each.  They both want to start baking immediately but I feel exhausted from being buffeted by Hurricane Barney so I insist on a sit down first.  D and I finish Lumino City (wonderful app, highly recommend it if you like Monument Valley) and M plays with the rabbits.


M wants to make her own ‘Cookie Cakes’ recipe but we can’t find her book with the recipe in anywhere so we play with K’Nex instead.  I get quite drawn into making a crossbow until D accidentally punches me on the head (she was going for a rather exuberant hug).  I ask her to be more careful but she thinks she’s being told off and runs off crying because she thinks I don’t love her anymore. 😦  D has been quite highly strung for the past few months and it only takes a tiny nudge to push her over the edge.  However, she is very good at taking herself off and coming back a while later saying ‘Mum, shall I tell you why I was crying?’.  After a cuddle, we carry on playing with K’Nex and D makes an octagon but then my cross bow breaks just as I’m adding the rubber bands and I don’t have the heart to start again!


I sit down for a cup of tea and D asks me to remove a splinter from her foot, which I do after fetching my tweezers.  While we were out this morning, M asked various questions like what are those white blobs on the pavement and what are those gold coloured circles?  So while I drank my tea I Googled the answers – I couldn’t find an answer to the white blobs but the gold circles or ‘Street Studs’ are boundary markers apparently.  D then wants to know what twelve thousand and twelve looks like and M wants to know why Boxing Day is called Boxing Day.


I remember that we haven’t watched this week’s Strictly yet so put it on for the girls.  They immediately start doing their own routine to the theme tune and get well into judging the contestants.



D wants to make a box for the ‘treasures’ she found while walking to the park today so I show her how to make a net for a cuboid and she loves all the measuring and cutting, she’s also astoundingly good at ‘reading’ the net and imagining which bit would go where when it’s put together.  Meanwhile, M plays on Animal Crossing.  I then go to cook dinner.



I start to feel weirdly feverish so I decide to remain seated on the sofa for a while.  I check Facebook and the girls are intrigued by the videos in my news feed and the petition on (SIGN IT!!!).


The girls’ cousins call on FaceTime – we have some kisses from 3 year old L and then M goes off to chat to 9 year old A – they also try to play a long-distance duet together on the piano before giving up to visit each other in Animal Crossing.


M is still on FaceTime – hilariously, she’s stuck around to listen to A’s trumpet practice and then onto the cousins’ bedtime drinks and some sort of dinosaur quiz.  D plays on our old LeapFrog console for a while before watching a couple of episodes of Dora.  I go upstairs to put clean sheets on the bed.  I’ve done the minimal amount of cleaning today, which I’m now regretting because if I don’t do a little a day then it soon mounts up and gets too much for me to cope with.


M says bye to her cousin and we all go upstairs.  D doesn’t want a story – this is a bit of a theme at the moment as she would much rather be doing other things.  This is fine by me as I know she’s a book lover at heart and it’s only a matter of time before she returns to it.  I read Heidi to M and then leave them playing My Little Pony on the iPad together.


I’m so tired and feeling a tad unwell so I’m off to bed!

A Week in the Life of a Home Educating Family: Tuesday 2015

We’re still a bit poorly here but things are warming up a bit 🙂

If you missed the previous days, please click on the links below:

Sunday and Monday


I come down late again after a bad night with D.  She was awake for 2 hours in the night because of her cold.  The next 2 hours are a rush of putting food together for our morning out and getting dressed and breakfasted (the girls have art class on Tuesday mornings).  D doesn’t feel well enough to go so J offers to look after her at home but she says she’d rather sit in the car with me.  So she chooses a pile of books and I pack a few activities.


We set off in the car for art class but after 1 minute M says she feels sick!  We deliberate for a few minutes as to whether to continue our journey but in the end I decide that because we’d be out of the house for 3 hours it wouldn’t be good for her to be feeling ropey for all that time.


The girls settle down to their screens: Endless Spanish for M on the iPad and Mario for D on the Nintendo.  Then we watch Princess Bride.  This was the film we were supposed to see at The Barbican yesterday.  They both liked it – yessss!



We watch it again!  There was a lot of explanations of phrases, jokes, immunity, gigantism and the whole plot.


I did some cleaning and D helped me mop the floors – she loves that job.  She then did a few more stitches on her sampler.  J goes out to work.



When the film finishes, M plays on Animal Crossing: we’ve learnt how to time travel so she goes back to Halloween, which she missed because we were out at my sister’s party.  She has to figure out puzzles to win candy.


Spanish is definitely the theme of the day: D picks up words through Dora and M continues to play Endless Spanish.  M is so pleased because she’s learnt about 15 new words and is deciphering the words she hasn’t learnt yet.  She’s also learning the sounds of the Spanish alphabet.  I invest (£9!) in an in-app purchase so she has more words to choose from.


We have to go out to the vet’s for Morris’ myxomatosis injection.


Back from the vets and I start to cook dinner.  Morris is peeved and won’t communicate with any of us so M goes off to practice her Spanish.  D wants to do her sewing but I can’t help her at the moment so she watches more Dora instead.


We’re back in the car again and on our way to Brownies.  It is possible to walk there but it’s dark and wet so we drive.  We discuss hurricanes and try to remember the different wind levels from our How the World Works book.


Back home again and D declares it’s wonderful for us to have some time alone together.  Hilariously, she then puts Dora back on.  I make her some Nutella on toast while she watches.  We then watch My Little Pony together and D delightedly explains the plot as we watch.


Out in the car again to pick M up from Brownies.  M is so excited because she’s got a new badge – World Traveler.  She had to count to 10 in Spanish, make a passport and write a postcard. 🙂


It’s time for their bedtime stories – the day seemed to go so fast!  D chooses to play Lumino City instead of having a story so we play together for 20 minutes and then I read Heidi to M.  I leave D playing on her My Little Pony game, while M plays her current favourite card game: solitaire.

It is now 10:50 and the sausages are still awake!  Time for us all to go to bed.  🙂

A Week in the Life of a Home Educating Family: Monday 2015

Blimey, what a day.  Not one I would use to advertise the gloriousness of home ed but there you go.  Actually, today goes to show that some days can really turn out to be pants but that the flexibility of home ed makes even pants days easier.  I thought we’d be having a lovely day out in London today, but D got a lurgy…

If you missed yesterday’s post, you can see it here.


I come down having had a rough night with D who has been vomiting since 4am.  I feed some very hungry rabbits and sit down with a cup of tea to do some admin on my laptop.


D and M come down.  D is still feeling poorly so she rests on the sofa and J puts My Little Pony on for her.  After M’s usual routine of feeding the rabbits and having breakfast, she begins her cross-stitching again.  I continue to work on my laptop: doing a bit of data entry for J, some online banking and then finishing off the online food shop.  Today, we were supposed to be going to see a free film (Princess Bride!) at the Barbican cinema as part of the Into Film Festival but we obviously can’t go to that now.


J has to go out to meet a client and decides to take M with him so she can have a treat in the coffee shop.  While they’re out D is sick again for what turns out to be the last time today, thank goodness!  As soon as the sick is done it’s like a light goes on inside her and she wants to know what number all our birthdays add up to (110 including the bunnies, if you want to know) and then we have a long discussion on birthdays as she doesn’t understand why they’re only once a year.  This leads on to a question about why the seasons always go in order so I do a little diagram and get the globe out to demonstrate how the axis changes the amount of sunlight we get throughout the year, thus creating the seasons.


Quite an impressive amount of learning considering how ill she is. 🙂


M comes back with J.  M and D play with the bunnies and then decide to finish off their tree decoration by adding glitter.  There’s quite a bit of discussion as to how best to do it – the whole project has made for a lovely bit of team work and the tree is pretty good too!



M then goes off to play Lego.  D wants to start a cross-stitch project after seeing the Stitch by Stitch book I rediscovered and displayed on a shelf yesterday.  She does about 10 stitches and then is too tired to continue so plays on a My Little Pony game on the iPad for a while.


D then asks for baked beans and toast but she only has a few bites before she feels sick again, the poor sausage.  She does a bit more cross-stitching and then asks to watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  We haven’t watched it for almost a year but I think it’s comforting for her to watch something simple when ill.  When I switch on the telly, the weather comes on and we all have a conversation about floods and hurricane Barney.


I don’t know where the last two hours have gone?!  I think I was doing various things like browsing Facebook, helping M and having a coffee.  Anyhoo, I go upstairs to have a shower and do some cleaning.  M says she has a tummy ache now too so I give her a hot water bottle and she plays Minecraft on the laptop.


M is feeling better and asks for dry toast and clementines.  She then gets back to her cross-stitching.


Jake and the Neverland Pirates is still on.  After seeing a volcano on there, M asks if volcanoes always smoke before erupting so we Google the answer.  The next few hours go by in a haze of more telly watching (M puts in a request to watch an episode of Heidi and then D sees some Dora the Explorer episodes she hasn’t seen before – more comfort TV!).  I play Brainmaster and Downfall with M and she beats me at both, of course.

20151116_172233 20151116_182316


On a Facebook thread, a friend of mine recommends an app her children are enjoying called Endless Spanish.  I install it for M and she loves it.  We both try to dissect the sentences, trying to work out the words inbetween the key words we’re supposed to be learning.  M learns that the Spanish have a different sentence structure to us.


I eventually persuade D to come to bed.  She can barely keep her eyes open to listen to her book (Is a Blue Whale the Biggest Thing There Is?) and is asleep minutes after I finish.  M isn’t really into fact books but for some reason this book grabs her attention tonight and she looks amazed at the comparative sizes of the animals and things in the book.  I read Heidi to M.


I leave M upstairs trying to learn more Spanish on the iPad but soon she’s back downstairs again in tears because she “can’t possibly ever learn all the words”.  She’s looks exhausted from last night’s lack of sleep (one of the very few problems of co-sleeping: if one is awake then we’re all awake!) so after a cuddle I convince her to go to sleep.

It wasn’t the day I had planned, and I’m sorry I missed our day out, but I hope D feels better tomorrow.