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Times Tables, Little Women and Archaeology

This is the contrasting life of home education!

M has rekindled her desire to learn the times tables and keeps asking me to test her on her 3x and 4x.  This has led to some funny moments of us chanting and clapping, while M tries to hit the swing ball and answer at the same time, meanwhile D does a hilarious stomp around the lounge. 🙂

We’ve given up on trying to get through the Chronicles of Narnia.  We managed The Magician’s Nephew and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe but Prince Caspian didn’t have the edge of the first two books and we decided to give up on it 3/4 of the way through.  We were struggling to think of what to read next so I had a rifle through some long-forgotten books on the bedroom shelf and found one that we tried to read a year or so ago: Little Women from the Usborne Young Reading series.  What a winner!  Both sausages now adore this book and have asked for it to be read over and over and asking sooooo many questions about the girls and their lives.

I have also tried reading Our Island Story to D but there weren’t enough pictures to hold her interest.  I might carry on with it myself as it’s a great read.

We had a trip to our local HE group, where the girls had a play with a few other children but mostly got stuck into learning how to play Solitaire and making pictures with the counters:


The sausages had a busy day on Saturday – first of all they went off to Judo (where they’ve both been moved up into the older children’s class!) and then we went off to the World Archaeology Festival 2015 at the UCL.

First of all they made roman oil lamps with clay:


Then we watched a deer being skinned – I can’t believe we all managed to stomach it.  D was not in the least bit interested and M felt sorry for the deer (but I don’t think it will affect her meat eating habits!):


We tried making fire with flint and steel but the sausages found it too difficult so we went over to the sand pit and the girls dug for bones and pottery instead.  D loved this bit and the staff had lots of patience for explaining the origins of each piece they found.


The sausages also got their faces painted with handprints:

20150613_133802 20150613_133829

And M had a go at dissecting (pretend) poo to identify whose poo it was:


D had a go at cave painting:


And they both tried to identify objects covered in clay using magnets, magnifying glasses and x-rays:


But probably their most favourite part was a man who turned copper coins into ‘gold’!

20150613_140631 20150613_143328

We were there for 3 hours and only covered half of it but we were too tired to continue!

Today we’ve had a much needed quiet day – lots of films and computer games 🙂