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Archery at Camp Mohawk

We were lucky enough to get a last-minute place at an archery session at Camp Mohawk today!  It was quite a journey but absolutely worth it.  The place itself has been set up for children with special needs but a local HE group gets to use it once a week during term time.  It is absolutely idyllic there and the archery trainers had a lovely attitude towards the kids.  M really enjoyed it and I’ve since found out that we’ve been lucky enough to get a space in next month’s archery session too, which M is very pleased about.  It’s the only place I’ve found so far that will teach children younger than 8 so she’s very lucky to have the opportunity.


After the archery session we ate our sandwiches and then the girls had a play in the playground and in the sensory play area.  M wanted to explore the woods but D was tired and I decided that we’d better try and beat the Friday traffic.

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We were all exhausted by the time we got back!  There was a fair amount of bickering going on and M was particularly testy towards me but she cheered up after a bit of down-time in front of CBeebies.

For the last two nights, D has point-blank refused to go to bed at her bedtime, which has been interesting!  I can’t quite keep a straight face for long enough to get stern with her.  M has rather sweetly offered to take her to bed and read her a story which initially I was reluctant to take her up on as I wondered if she was doing it purely to act as peacemaker but she seems to genuinely want to do it and D is over the moon that she gets to go to bed with her big sister!  M sits and plays Minecraft while she waits for D to go to sleep, although D is so excited that there isn’t a lot of sleeping going on…