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Digital Fun at The Barbican

You know when you go to places and you just wish that everyone else would go too?  Digital Revolution at The Barbican is one of those places.  We don’t generally do museums unless they are hands on (M can’t bear ‘looking in glass cases’ types of places, and I’m not too keen either) and this exhibition is as hands on as it gets!

There were old fashioned games to play (Donkey Kong!  Pong!  Speak & Spell! Pacman!), lots of coding info, and then lots of sound/motion/visual tech integrations that were really and truly fabulous…

An old fashioned telephone that you could dial and listen to various robot birds in the tree above…

20140703_111846 20140703_115708

Music videos…




This incredible camera which transformed everything it could see into a sort of moving painting… (there were a lot of adults dancing about in front of this one)

20140703_121258 20140703_121425

A very odd piece about death which caused anyone standing in front of the camera to have smoke curling out of their eyes…


An amazing piece with various screens about birds – this is the final screen which M did – the wings appeared whenever M raised her arms.


This was the girls’ favourite – you could speak a wish into a microphone and the wish would be written out in front of you, a chrysalis would then appear and then a butterfly, which would land briefly in your hand before flying up to join the rest…


There was so much more and it would be lovely to go back again to soak up more of it.

We had a lovely lunch outside on the terrace…


And I pointed out the large, ugly, black building in the background, which is where I used to work long ago. The girls were duly impressed.