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A Trip to Bocketts Farm

We had a strange day yesterday: we had intended to try out a ballet class but I hadn’t figured on how far away the class was and how long it would take to park the car!  So in the end we gave up as I couldn’t find a parking space and I figured I would be better off finding a ballet class nearer to home.

As we were out and about in the car and it was a beautiful day, rather than go back home I drove to the nearest place I could think of: Bocketts Farm.  It’s a lovely (albeit expensive) farm with animals, an indoor play area and a park.  The girls were initially resistant to anything to do with the animals and just wanted to play at first but after a little nudge from me we had a wander around the small animals room.  By chance, they happened to have a rabbit, guinea pig and hen out to stroke and then the girls were hooked!  We went back every hour for another chance to pet the animals after that.  By the end of the day they were both begging me for a pet rabbit!!  We’ll have to see about that…