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Maths and Cocooning

Our half term week has continued as it began – slowly and peacefully… sort of.

I can never get over how we seem to be doing so little but under the surface we’re actually doing quite a lot!

On Wednesday, J took the girls to the park in the morning and in the afternoon their friend B came over to play. ¬†They began with Minecraft and then finished with a game of football in the garden. ūüôā


On Thursday I gave up all hope of going out and mentally prepared myself for another day indoors. ¬†D is definitely cocooning – I like that word, it sounds much more legitimate than needing a pyjama day! ¬†The girls spent the day doing Minecraft, listening to ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ on Audible, and playing on their homemade boat.

2016-02-16 19.43.39

Another reason for the quiet day indoors on Thursday was because we had booked to go to a maths workshop at Curious Minds (our usual social group) on Friday. ¬†We haven’t been to Curious Minds yet this year: by the end of last year, M had stopped playing with the other kids (she’ll play with them on separate play dates, but she just didn’t seem to want to play in a group) and D’s best friend stopped attending so D no longer wanted to go, so that sealed it for us really! ¬†I can’t say we’ve felt lacking socially as we’ve had plenty of play dates to compensate but I have missed that ‘anchor’ to my week. ¬†However, I feel sure that they’ll want to give it another go soon as we have a lot of happy memories there.

Anyway, back to the maths workshop – a lady had been brought in to Curious Minds to do a workshop that she does in schools, it was basically getting maths concepts across to the kids using balloons and bubbles. ¬†It was a tad long (6 hours) and the lady rather ‘schooly’ but M really enjoyed it and stayed for the full day! ¬†It was the opposite of fun for D though but she was really brilliant and played¬†with friends outside for hours and hours.

2016-02-19 11.13.28 2016-02-19 13.46.26 2016-02-19 14.18.02 2016-02-19 15.18.29-1

After a few recent class-type learning experiences, I think M might be wanting to try a regular class in something, which I will have to start looking into. ¬†She really seems to get a lot out of that environment. ¬†D on the other hand, has no wish to learn from anyone who is telling her what to do: all these people get the same label – “bossy”. ¬†Her learning is very much self-directed, which is absolutely fine by me.