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A Mandarin Speak & Spell

This morning I finally got our Sparks Chinese log in details sorted and D (who was very keen) and I had a look at it together.  It started off well as D was playing a number game where she had to drag and drop the Pinyin words to their correct number: D amazed me by knowing her Mandarin/Pinyin numbers up to 4! After that it was all downhill as after she’d played for 5 minutes and managed to get all the numbers right the program told her she was too slow and to retry.  Boo.  So we had a look at one of the skits about numbers but the sound quality was so poor it was like a Mandarin version of the 1980’s Speak & Spell.  Terrible.

D asked to go on the Numberjacks Mission to Learn website after that and spent a good hour playing on it.  Then M wanted to have a go and she must have spent at least 2 hours on it.  I was happy to let her play as we’d had a bit of a blip earlier where she’d obstinately refused to work out the difference between 7 and 15.  It was very odd and I haven’t seen her behaving like that for a long time so I’m not sure what was behind it.

After Numberjacks, M wanted to get started on a Skyscraper project she’d read about at the back of one of our Wonderwise books – to make your own city using junk modelling boxes on a sheet of card. Right up M’s street.  D also said she wanted to do it but then started making something completely different so I just let her get on with it: it seemed to be some sort of pod that opened with boxes and a fir cone inside.

IMAG1683 IMAG1684

M must have spent 3 hours on her Skyscrapers today, so while this was going on D asked to put on her new party dress (there were tears last night because I made her take it off for bed) and then I had to pretend I’d seen a beautiful ballerina and be shocked and amazed by how graceful she danced.  It then progressed into a kitchen disco and even M took a break from gluing to join in.

IMAG1686 IMAG1687

The new bedtime routine is going better than I thought it would: the girls are  following it with minimal fuss?!  M was a bit miffed about it this morning but cheered up once we’d talked a bit.  D isn’t the slightest bit fazed about going to sleep on her own and has fallen asleep before I’ve had chance to do a 5 minute check.  This new regime means I get more quality time with M too: I taught her draughts tonight and she beat me in her first game, tsk.