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Screens, Screens and More Screens

Yes, I love screens.  Especially when D is too down to do much else.  That flippin’ tooth still isn’t out and although D’s now doing hilarious Nanny McPhee impressions with her snaggle tooth she’s still struggling mood-wise.  It doesn’t take much for her to descend into tears and she painted this very sad picture with our homemade watercolours:

2016-02-08 12.11.59

Poor D.  The best place for her at the moment is chilling out in front of Dora The Explorer, which she’s been watching lots of.  However, she’s still found time for sums in the boat:

2016-02-09 07.41.15

And they’ve both been painting and clay modelling:

2016-02-08 12.53.18

And and and, I almost forgot a big spark that started this evening: I was making pancakes in the kitchen for me and M, and D was mucking about – pretending she couldn’t get past an invisible glass pane.  So I showed the girls some mime videos on YouTube and they were seriously impressed (we tried Marcel Marceau but he was way too slow and old fashioned unfortunately).  D tried out some miming acts afterwards – she’s pretty good!

So back to the screens.  We’ve had a fair amount of screen time going on due to D being on edge.  We’ve got tons out of it though, it’s never wasted time in my opinion.  Even I’ve managed a fair amount of telly watching, thanks to J keeping the girls occupied on Sunday!

We watched Mr Peabody and Sherman, which we all love: there were lots more in-depth questions about Marie Antoinette, Robespierre and the revolution this time around.  They both made accurate judgments on Mr Peabody’s character too (M: “Peabody can’t be that clever or he wouldn’t have said Sherman can’t fly” (if you haven’t seen it, this comment causes Sherman to lose confidence and crash the plane) and D: “Why would Sherman trust Mr Peabody if Mr Peabody doesn’t trust Sherman?” (Mr Peabody has trust issues!)).

I tried watching a programme on Russia’s Lost Princesses today but ten minutes in I realised I’d already seen it.  M was semi-interested but it was a bit too complicated for her to follow so she asked to watch Anastasia instead.  We seem to keep coming back to revolutions!

And this morning we watched quite a few videos on The Kid Should See This.  Really fascinating ones that led onto so many questions: one about Mary Leakey discovering footprints of human ancestors; Alfred Wegener proposing contintental drift; a 14 year old rock climber; surfing the world’s heaviest waves; a world record sky dive; and London’s history in paper craft.  This site works really well for my two: the videos are short enough to keep their attention, the animation/filming is interesting enough to make them want to watch, and the subject matter isn’t too complex.

We had our usual day of art class and Brownies yesterday – the art teacher was full of praise for the way M works – choosing her colours so carefully and meticulously drawing detailed patterns – I was so pleased as M hates how slow she works compared to everyone else so hopefully this will help her to see that speed isn’t everything.

Today we were meant to be going to Morden Hall but there was no way D was going out and the weather looked a bit iffy so we had a day indoors instead.  I have just left the sausages upstairs, ‘playing’ Frere Jacque on pillows – they were working out which ‘notes’ they would need and then jumping on them in the right order. 😀

A Week in the Life of a Home Educating Family: Monday 2015

Blimey, what a day.  Not one I would use to advertise the gloriousness of home ed but there you go.  Actually, today goes to show that some days can really turn out to be pants but that the flexibility of home ed makes even pants days easier.  I thought we’d be having a lovely day out in London today, but D got a lurgy…

If you missed yesterday’s post, you can see it here.


I come down having had a rough night with D who has been vomiting since 4am.  I feed some very hungry rabbits and sit down with a cup of tea to do some admin on my laptop.


D and M come down.  D is still feeling poorly so she rests on the sofa and J puts My Little Pony on for her.  After M’s usual routine of feeding the rabbits and having breakfast, she begins her cross-stitching again.  I continue to work on my laptop: doing a bit of data entry for J, some online banking and then finishing off the online food shop.  Today, we were supposed to be going to see a free film (Princess Bride!) at the Barbican cinema as part of the Into Film Festival but we obviously can’t go to that now.


J has to go out to meet a client and decides to take M with him so she can have a treat in the coffee shop.  While they’re out D is sick again for what turns out to be the last time today, thank goodness!  As soon as the sick is done it’s like a light goes on inside her and she wants to know what number all our birthdays add up to (110 including the bunnies, if you want to know) and then we have a long discussion on birthdays as she doesn’t understand why they’re only once a year.  This leads on to a question about why the seasons always go in order so I do a little diagram and get the globe out to demonstrate how the axis changes the amount of sunlight we get throughout the year, thus creating the seasons.


Quite an impressive amount of learning considering how ill she is. 🙂


M comes back with J.  M and D play with the bunnies and then decide to finish off their tree decoration by adding glitter.  There’s quite a bit of discussion as to how best to do it – the whole project has made for a lovely bit of team work and the tree is pretty good too!



M then goes off to play Lego.  D wants to start a cross-stitch project after seeing the Stitch by Stitch book I rediscovered and displayed on a shelf yesterday.  She does about 10 stitches and then is too tired to continue so plays on a My Little Pony game on the iPad for a while.


D then asks for baked beans and toast but she only has a few bites before she feels sick again, the poor sausage.  She does a bit more cross-stitching and then asks to watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  We haven’t watched it for almost a year but I think it’s comforting for her to watch something simple when ill.  When I switch on the telly, the weather comes on and we all have a conversation about floods and hurricane Barney.


I don’t know where the last two hours have gone?!  I think I was doing various things like browsing Facebook, helping M and having a coffee.  Anyhoo, I go upstairs to have a shower and do some cleaning.  M says she has a tummy ache now too so I give her a hot water bottle and she plays Minecraft on the laptop.


M is feeling better and asks for dry toast and clementines.  She then gets back to her cross-stitching.


Jake and the Neverland Pirates is still on.  After seeing a volcano on there, M asks if volcanoes always smoke before erupting so we Google the answer.  The next few hours go by in a haze of more telly watching (M puts in a request to watch an episode of Heidi and then D sees some Dora the Explorer episodes she hasn’t seen before – more comfort TV!).  I play Brainmaster and Downfall with M and she beats me at both, of course.

20151116_172233 20151116_182316


On a Facebook thread, a friend of mine recommends an app her children are enjoying called Endless Spanish.  I install it for M and she loves it.  We both try to dissect the sentences, trying to work out the words inbetween the key words we’re supposed to be learning.  M learns that the Spanish have a different sentence structure to us.


I eventually persuade D to come to bed.  She can barely keep her eyes open to listen to her book (Is a Blue Whale the Biggest Thing There Is?) and is asleep minutes after I finish.  M isn’t really into fact books but for some reason this book grabs her attention tonight and she looks amazed at the comparative sizes of the animals and things in the book.  I read Heidi to M.


I leave M upstairs trying to learn more Spanish on the iPad but soon she’s back downstairs again in tears because she “can’t possibly ever learn all the words”.  She’s looks exhausted from last night’s lack of sleep (one of the very few problems of co-sleeping: if one is awake then we’re all awake!) so after a cuddle I convince her to go to sleep.

It wasn’t the day I had planned, and I’m sorry I missed our day out, but I hope D feels better tomorrow.

What We’ve Been Up To This Week

Now I’ve got the unschooling food thing off my chest, I can now brain-dump what we’ve been up to this week!

It really doesn’t feel like a whole lot has been going on this last week – we had a couple of cancellations (which always throws me).  There was quite a bit of art going on as usual.

Firstly, M finished her mermaid pencil drawing (I’ve noticed she is starting to get better and better at finishing things!):


Tuesday was spent at art class in the morning, where M finished her copy of Van Gogh’s Irises!!!  It’s taken her two terms to finish it and I’m so pleased she has!  I’m also really really glad that she’s with a teacher who will let her take her time (always an issue with her school work).  I think I might actually prefer M’s painting to the original!  It’s been oohed and ahhed over by many people and I can’t wait to get it up on the wall.


Here is the original, in case you’re not familiar with it:


Later that day we went to Brownies.  M wasn’t really in the mood to go but went along so that she could prepare for sports day later that week.  It seemed like she enjoyed herself but unfortunately sports day was later cancelled because of a lack of participants – such a shame!

On Wednesday we had planned to go to Garson’s Farm to pick some strawberries but when the day arrived, neither sausage wanted to go out.  D wanted to do some ‘action painting’, having been inspired by Creative Galaxy and Jackson Pollock.  So I taped some long sheets of paper to the shed and she swiped and splatted it and thoroughly enjoyed herself.


While D was outside painting in the sunshine, M was busy playing on a game I’ve just downloaded called SimCity BuildIt.  She’s really into it and was calling out to me ‘I love this game!!!’

D is very quick at getting her ideas out of her system and she then wanted to move on to painting our old cardboard fort.  She galvanised M into helping her paint the inside red and the outside yellow using a large paintbrush and a little paint roller.


We’ve been walking quite a bit this week.  Well, M races ahead on her bike while D and I walk along chatting.  She is intriguing to talk to – I can have long and deep conversations with M but talking to D is completely different: her mind flits from one thought to the next.  She tells me about things she’s learnt, things she’s imagined, how she’s feeling, memories etc etc.  On one of these walks she came out with something that made me chuckle.  She said, “Mum? Homeschool saved me.”  “From what?”  “From school”.

We also had a great time at our social group this week.  M is feeling really comfortable there now, and really looks forward to going!


Thanks to our Spotify account, we’ve been doing tons of listening and dancing to music – I’m going to really miss it when our free trial is up!  M’s singing voice has vastly improved and she has a really good memory for lyrics.  We’ve had lots of kitchen discos this week. 🙂

I’ve also been reading to D much more than usual – she has been quite tired this week (too many late nights and early mornings!) and she’s found a few old favourites that she enjoyed when she was 4, like Toffee Takes a Nap (the drawings are so cute) but I love the fact that she has now dared to read Not Now Bernard, which has to be my all time favourite children’s book EVER!!  But a new book arrived today – huzzah!!  Lately I have banned myself from buying anything new due to our restricted finances but I could not resist this one.  I first heard about it on Adventures in Homeschool and knew that D would love it!


I read it to both sausages when they got back from Judo today.  Although it’s not a particularly funny book, we all ended up laughing over it – the mistakes the explorers made seem insane knowing what we know now (Columbus thinking he could sail from Europe to China and accidentally finding America instead), and imagining what we would say to those horrible greedy men who enslaved the Native Americans.  D stood up and announced she would “swim all the way across the ocean and tell them to stop it”.  All in all it was a great success – it really captured their imaginations!

And finally, if you head on over to my new Facebook page, D wanted to make a video of her story about “a little constellation bull called Taurus”…

France, Speed Cubing and Maps

We’re back from a marvelous holiday in the South of France!  We had a lovely time – the girls swam in the Med, admired the sunsets, ate A LOT of biscuits and Nutella, co-slept with Grandma and spoke the odd French word. 🙂

Here’s a sketch of the view from our apartment, made by M – she’s hoping to paint it soon.


On Sunday we made a sad goodbye to Grandma and Granddad and then the girls played in the garden before going off to their Aunty Sh’s house for a barbecue.  I spent those precious hours madly planning meals, doing an online food shop and making an enormous ideas list for the week.  I love doing this now, it gives me a sense of control and allows me to strew and plan at the same time.  Plus, I am a list lover.

I also ordered M a speed cube – on holiday, she was getting us to time how long it took her to complete her Rubik’s cube and it was becoming obvious that it was getting too clunky and the stickers were starting to peel off.  I had to do quite a bit of research as to which one to get (who knew there was such a speed cubing industry out there?!) so I hope I’ve chosen the right one.

Back to Sunday, on my ideas list I’d written ‘stay up late and star gaze’ and the sausages chose to do that when they’d come back from the barbecue.  Unfortunately it wasn’t a starry night but we did spot Saturn, Jupiter and Venus.

Onto Monday, the sausages were already wanting an activity by 9am so we had a look at the list and decided to do this cloud activity.  I did manage a quick recap of how rainfall happens without getting booed off but they already knew most of it anyway. 😀


The rest of the day was spent with M speed cubing, Minecrafting and watching Matilda.  D decided she wanted to spend the day playing Rainbow Fairies.  We have to act out all 7 books, D is the fairy and I play one of the girls who finds her.  It went on for hours.  Jeez. I’m not a natural role-player but I do try really hard to find the joy as D takes so much pleasure from it.

Tuesday morning was spent with M at art class (she’s finished her Van Gogh, pictures next week!) while I tried to chat to other Mums and alternately chase D around the park.  The afternoon was quite low key, although we did manage more fun with shaving foam, pipettes and food colouring.  I don’t know if you can make them out but M’s (on the left) is a volcanic island with a beach at the bottom and D’s is a flower.

20150609_160904 20150609_161306

The sausages love pipettes so then I cut them out some butterfly shapes to colour in.

20150609_183711 20150609_183633

And lastly, we did a little map exploration before heading off to Brownies.  D was telling me with a sigh that she loved maps in a ‘I just can’t help myself’ kind of voice so I found this UK map with county lines and we looked at where our next holiday destination is (Whitby). After colouring in North Yorkshire, D went on to colour in Northumberland (last year’s holiday destination); West Yorkshire (where her Aunty S lives); Nottinghamshire (where her Grandparents live); Greater London (where we live); and also marked where the Giants Causeway and Loch Ness are!!  M was painstakingly labeling her counties in teeny tiny writing but D didn’t want to.  When I asked her how she was going to remember which county was which, she then rattled all their names off to prove she could.

So that told me. 🙂


Chromatography, Flags and a Slip Knot

As I’ve been saying over the last few posts, J is now self-employed and this week has enlisted me to help him update his database of contacts.  I’ve probably been doing the odd hour for him most days but it’s interesting to experience the effect my unavailability has on the sausages: I’ve always thought they are quite good at entertaining themselves but if I say I have to work for an hour, all of a sudden they don’t know what to do!  Interesting.

So, apart from me doing a bit of work we’ve been mostly around the house as I’m preparing for my parents’ visit and I also like to have a major clean up before going on holiday so that the mess/dirt doesn’t depress me when we get back!  So the house is looking pretty good now, and the girls (M in particular) have been really keen to help.

We’ve managed a lot of activities in amongst the cleaning though.  The girls have been in the garden a lot this week:

20150526_101724_5 20150526_101845_1

I think M is beginning to get too big for the trampoline!  I’m seriously considering installing some sort of climbing equipment indoors for M – she gets so active in the evenings I think it would be really good for her to have something to stretch herself on.  I’m thinking monkey bars in the hallway or some sort of pull-up bar, maybe even some climbing holds on a wall somewhere!

J managed to take a few hours off work on Monday to visit some friends: we all had a really good time there and the girls were all busy playing together for most of the time which gave us grown-ups lots of time to chat.  I love it when that happens. 🙂

The girls are really busy at the moment, they’ve got tons of ideas of what they want to do – so many that I can’t keep up!  The other day I wrote down all the things D wanted to do so that we didn’t forget (this is in addition to our main list on the lounge fireplace).  It’s a very cute 6-year old list:


We did manage a game of pirates (a make-believe game where I’m the ship and D’s the Cap’n and she steers the ship to different places in Neverland to find treasure.  It’s very cute.

D has also finished her picture for the kitchen window:


They’ve both been wearing their princess dresses for the past 2 days, and have put some life into their old crowns by adding glitter.  They also began some beading (which they quickly got bored with) and D made herself a ring with a bead and pipe cleaner.

20150526_123616 20150526_125346

While beading, M started playing around with the string and making various knots.  She realised that she could make a knot vanish simply by pulling it and when I told her that is a proper magic trick and showed her a YouTube video she was so pleased!

I had a great, stimulating day with M yesterday: while D was watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates, she came in the kitchen wanting something to do so I quickly put together a chromatography experiment.  We have done something similar before but so long ago M didn’t remember it.  This time, I got the idea from here.  There are so many good ideas for simple experiments on that site.

M really enjoyed it and was full of observations about it.  I don’t usually do the ‘science part’ with the Sausages, I prefer to let them explore what they’re doing without me interfering with facts and ‘knowledge’.  However, this time I did ask M if she would like to know more about it and her answer was ‘no, it will only make me angry’.  Ha ha.

20150526_164025 20150526_200640

Afterwards, M was really giddy with happiness.  So giddy in fact that she asked if she could read her rabbit book to me?!!  She hasn’t offered to read to me in a long long time so it was lovely to be asked.  After she’d read a few pages, she then wanted me to test her on rabbit facts so I did but then it all went a bit pear shaped.  She got one of the questions wrong and there were quite a few tears.  We had a cuddle and I suggested we try again after dinner.  So half an hour later she had another go and got the answer right.  I love that she now has more persistence – in the past that book would have been thrown on the floor, never to be mentioned again.

She then seemed to get a thirst for knowledge and said she wanted to read a space book.  I was a bit dubious as space is D’s territory and M really isn’t interested in it.  We read about one page before she wanted to stop.  So I found our Book of Knowledge instead.  M spotted the flags section and said she wanted to memorise some flags!!  By this time, D was sitting with us too so they both memorised the Australia, USA and France flags.

And it didn’t stop there.  By this point it was time for bed and M wanted to memorise some French words so while I read a bedtime story to D, M read through the few that she has already written down to check that she knew them and then wrote a few more including ‘Je m’appelle’, the numbers 1-3 and a poem I taught her (remember this?) ‘Excuse-moi, S’il vous plait, Shift your bum, It’s in the way.  Classic.

This will be the last post for a week or so as my parents arrive tomorrow and then we’re off to France!  Yay!

Baking, Films and a Cold

We’ve had a quiet few days, partly because of the rain and storms but mainly because of M’s cold.  J took the girls to meet M’s best friend B on Saturday and they were out for hours, allowing me to get on and do ‘stuff’.  But on Sunday morning, M came down looking decidedly ill so we decided to take it easy.

Apart from taking D out to see his parents, J worked all day so I looked after the girls.  We made crumble and chocolate chip cookies:

20150518_114533 20150518_120627

M also wanted to learn a few French words in readiness for our holiday so she added a page in her homemade Spanish dictionary:


While D finished her rainforest picture.  We looked up the patterns for a Blue Morpho and Monarch butterfly, and I helped her a bit with the wing shapes!


By the afternoon, M was feeling a bit perkier and their Aunt Sh took the girls to the park.

On Monday I had planned for us to visit Raynes Park library (because the girls love climbing on the barrier outside!) but it rained all day so we stayed in and watched endless films!  Over the last few days we have watched: Cat in the Hat, Black Beauty (is that the saddest film ever made?), Secret Garden, Annie, Matilda, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Mulan and A Series of Unfortunate Events.  The girls are also getting into an Amazon series called Annedroids too.  As usual, there were countless questions arising from these films!

On Tuesday, M woke up in a very odd mood: kind of tearful but also angry and out of sorts.  By the time we arrived in Ashtead for her art class she was saying she had a tummy ache.  She still wanted to go in because she was worried she wouldn’t finish her Van Gogh picture in time.  I assured her that even if she doesn’t finish it before the summer term ends she can still carry on next term, so she decided not to go in.  Then we drove all the way home again!

The afternoon was spent watching MORE films but they also found time to do a Sticker Picture Atlas of the World and finish a card for Aunty S.  We have a lot of birthdays in July in this family so M (following my suggestion) has started making cards well in advance so she avoids the stress of not having the time to perfect them.


I also made a pin board for M to do her times tables on, having been inspired by this blog. She really enjoyed it and grasped the concept quickly.  She has been desperate to learn the times tables recently so this tied in nicely.


M was feeling ready for Brownies by the evening and we drove her there (storm still going strong).  They were doing an activity about pets so she took in a picture of Morris to talk about.  I have no idea how it went as M struggles to understand what’s going on or how to communicate it back to me (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – how on earth she managed day after day at school is beyond me).

On the way home a rainbow came out!  Me and D got very excited and it inspired D to make this!


We really need to get ourselves to the library today.  M has finished The Magician’s Nephew (she really enjoyed it!) and we’ve tried returning to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and A Series of Unfortunate Events but neither felt right.  What we need now is Prince Caspian and the Return to Narnia!

A Week in the Life of a Home Educating Family: Tuesday

Day 2 in the sausage household.  It’s hard work this daily blogging malarkey!

Here is Monday’s post, if you missed it:



We all wake up together and come downstairs.  J is already awake and is working on his laptop in the lounge.  M is still unwell so both girls (D doesn’t need any excuse) watch CBeebies for 2 hours.  Meanwhile, I begin writing yesterday’s blog post, make breakfast, have a shower and pack away the shopping which has just been delivered.  J leaves for work.  Generally, Tuesday is the day that we spend at home until late afternoon when M has her ballet class.


D decides she really wants to make a start on the World Map jigsaw which we failed to do yesterday – my job is usually to do the grunt work: turning all 150 pieces over, sorting them into continents etc, while she gets the glory of fitting them together.  M doesn’t know what to do with herself: she’s too poorly to do much but she’s bored – the worst combination, poor girl.



We give up on the jigsaw for a while and I let the bunnies out for a run around the kitchen. I have to clean the cage again – the amount of poo these two tiny things create is amazing. M attempts to stroke them but they keep hopping away which makes her quite cross.  D isn’t interested in the bunnies at all today and decides she would rather be a bunny herself… a bunny who likes sums!  M and I take it in turns to ask her sums (if you have 10 bunnies and Daddy puts 2 in a pot, how many bunnies do you have left?).  Eventually the bunny decides she would like to finish the jigsaw so we all get on with it.  D tells us what a ringed seal looks like and what they eat, she points out Borneo, Mexico and many more points of interest on the map… all learnt from Go Diego Go!



M and me then carry on our game of Monopoly and D plays Lightbot, which is an excellent app for learning coding.  It’s a very successful game: I manage to describe what ‘mortgage’ means to M without her getting angry, and she manages to buy Park Lane, Mayfair and all the stations so she inevitably wins!


I decide it is high time I did a bit of housework and go to hang a wash up.  When I come down again the girls are asking if they can help with a few jobs (I find they are generally very helpful if you give them the jobs they love to do) so D mopped the kitchen floor and M de-cobwebbed the radiators with a feather duster.  M also helped me put baking soda and vinegar into the washing machine to stop it being so smelly and D brushed out the bunnies’ vet beds which had just been washed and dried.


I still have tons of cleaning I feel I should be doing but the girls are in an activity mood so I try to encourage them to find an activity they can do without me: D chooses colouring and M wants to do sewing.  She’s been learning new stitches recently to put on a Christmas sampler she’s designed and wants to give as a present.  She has a real talent for sewing and has persevered with tricky stitches, taught herself new ones using YouTube and is generally being all-round impressive about it.  These are her practice stitches:


However, M isn’t quite well enough to sew for long so she plays on Minecraft for a while and D continues to colour.  I unsuccessfully battle the mess in the kitchen.


I have managed to get the kitchen looking as clean as it did this morning but am no further on with any other jobs.  Where did the last two hours go?  D now wants me to read Ella Bella Ballerina and The Nutcracker to her and I’m quite relieved to sit down for a bit so gladly do it.  It’s a gorgeously written and illustrated book and both girls are intrigued as to why the Mouse King would put a spell on the Prince, and why he turned him into a nutcracker.  Something for me to research when I have a minute.  M makes a final decision not to go to her ballet class this evening – she must be feeling pretty bad as she loves that class and wouldn’t usually want to miss it.


I then start to make dinner but D starts to ask me to find things for her, claiming she is too frightened to go upstairs on her own.  When I tell her I need to get on with dinner she starts to cry.  I manage to swallow angry retorts of ‘stop being ridiculous’ and ‘I’ve got enough to bloody do’ and calmly explain to her that I spend most of the day doing activities with her and sometimes I need to get on and do jobs.  It doesn’t work.  She goes off to cry in another room.  Hmph.  After half an hour I work out that she’s probably got low blood sugar and ask her if she would like something to eat.  She recovers instantly, asks for veggie hot dogs with broccoli, and plays with her toys while she waits.  Problem solved!


I sit down to eat my dinner in the lounge and ask M if she’d like to play Junior Scrabble.  I bought it last year but it’s the first time she’s shown an interest in having a go.  It turns out to be a little too advanced for her vocabulary but she seems to enjoy it anyway.  We have to stop after half an hour as she’s too exhausted.  Meanwhile, D is playing on Can You Escape – she loves puzzle games almost as much as me and M, even ones that are for older children.  I just have to walk her through the puzzle a few times until she gets it and then she has the satisfaction of remembering all the codes and hiding places on each level.

20141125_190013 20141125_190032


I suggest going up to bed early and having a longer reading session which both girls are surprisingly happy to do.  I start on another Rainbow Magic book with D and continue with Harry Potter for M.  M has lots of questions about why Neville Longbottom doesn’t confide in Harry about what happened to his parents, how close their friendship is, what the cruciatus curse does and many more.  I’m actually feeling like I could lie down and continue the conversation and/or go to sleep but I remember that I have jobs to do downstairs.


I come down and start to write yesterday’s blog up and edit it until it is vaguely coherent. J teeters in around 10.30pm and goes straight to bed: it seems the Christmas party season has begun in the City!  His job requires that he’s out most evenings but he rarely drinks much.


I go upstairs to bed and the lot of them are crashed out.  I have to clear out a load of toys plus an iPad and tablet before I get in.  Sleep!