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Water, Judo and Films

We had a fantastic water-splashy time at our weekly social group, Curious Minds.  The girls are beginning to feel more settled there and M looks forward to it all week!


We were back at the scout hut again today, but this time for the girls’ Judo class.  Today they were being graded and so I thought I would pop along too (I usually use the time to relax or do cleaning).  It was so full on!  I think M found her match in a boy who is equally as strong and skilled as she is; and D had a few bumps but bravely soldiered on.

20150704_103321 20150704_103527

They both passed their grading test and D now has 3 stripes on her red belt while M moves up to an orange belt!

We’ve been dipping our toes into film making over the past few days, following on from a question from M in the car about how long it takes to make a film.  This led to looking at special effects on Harry Potter: including Mrs Weasley’s knitting needles (not CGI but an amazing little machine!), quidditch and Voldemort’s nose.  Which then led to looking at a real-life invisibility cloak.  We’re probably watching 2-3 films a day and there is soooo much learning arising from it.

In other news, the same day I published my ‘rainbows and unicorns‘ post, M had a tearful/angry meltdown.  The space between meltdowns have definitely lengthened, to the extent that I begin to wonder if she has Aspergers at all.  These meltdowns leave me feeling very helpless as she can’t be soothed with a hug and a chat as I could with D.  To me, the reasons for the meltdowns are ridiculous (hair getting on her nerves/unable to complete a puzzle/too hot) but to her the problems must feel enormous and insurmountable.  This meltdown was a timely reminder as she has her ASD assessment in two weeks time.  I’m feeling a little nervous about it but mostly looking forward to it: it will be a relief to be listened to, get some answers and move forward with it.  M seems nonchalant about the appointment but that may mean there is stuff simmering underneath that she isn’t showing me yet…