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We had a VERY slow start today, even by our standards.  The girls were playing so nicely that I didn’t want to disturb the peace (when I went up to see what they were doing they were breathing on the bedroom window and drawing faces – simple pleasures!).  So I got 2 hours of house work done and then at 10 I asked if they wanted to do some cutting and sticking (a sneaky way of getting them to do some work) and they were very keen.  So we made a chart showing saturated and unsaturated fats; a wheel with a rainbow of fruit and veg on it that the girls drew and coloured in; and some little booklets all about vitamins.  All this will eventually get stuck into our nutrition lapbooks.

The girls wanted to go on and on with it but I had to stop them for lunch and then we went off to Kew to meet a home-ed group there.  We had a wonderful time!  I haven’t been there for about 10 years and the girls have never been.  They really liked it (despite the look on D’s face) and M found an enormous fir cone which she is going to decorate with fir leaves to make a Christmas decoration.

I saw a new development in M at Kew today – she was initially shy in telling adults her name but later on was running off to pick blackberries and offering them around everyone in the group (about 10 Mums in total) and talking to other Mums about the fir cone she found.  I was very proud.  I keep reading that this is one of the major benefits of home-ed: that children learn to communicate with a wide range of ages, rather than just children of their own age in school.

I had lovely chats with the Mums too which was great.  We will definitely be going back!