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Life Got In The Way

Sorry for the lack of posts recently but life got in the way!  We’ve only been doing the usual activities but my evenings have been spent doing other activities (reading Kids, Carrots and Candy, for one) and I have been decorating our hallway and landing every weekend for the past six or so weeks (nearly finished, but starting on kitchen next).

Our days have been spent in our usual routines.  I do wonder how I ever did semi-structured home-ed as again, life seems to get in the way!

Lots of cards to various friends and family members are frequently being written and drawn (as I write they are both beavering away preparing cards for our builder who is here today).


The girls continue to enjoy their weekly pottery class in Clapham.  D brought home her first creations last week and here’s a photo of them.  The bottom piece is a comet!  The teacher was praising them both last week, particularly commenting that D is wonderful at story telling as she works.  I have a feeling that for D it is all about the process whereas for M it is all about the end result (chalk and cheese as usual :)).


With our unschooling approach to the girls’ education, they are given a free reign to play as long as they like on computers and watch as much telly as they like too.  M’s particular favourite game at the moment is Minecraft which she is probably spending 1-2 hours a day on.  D is also quite interested in it and M is very generous with her time: advising her sister how best to build things and ideas on what to do next.  They both prefer the ‘creative’ rather than ‘survival’ game as it’s a bit less stressful!


Our unschooling approach has already spilled over into food, which is why I’m reading ‘Kids, Carrots and Candy’.  I’m learning to ask if they are ‘hungry’ rather than ‘what would you like for dinner?’;  We don’t have meal times anymore – they eat only when they are hungry; and they can eat ANYTHING (within reason, I’m not going to start making Bolognese at 6am) at ANY time of day.  They are learning to recognise when they are hungry and what their body is asking for.  I am also learning to listen to my body too!  For the past two days my body has asked for a fresh fruit smoothie rather than dinner and it has been extremely satisfying to give it what it’s asking for!

So far I have resisted letting the unschooling approach spill over into bedtimes (i.e., letting them decide when to go to bed) because I value my alone time in the evening so much.  I only get half an hour to an hour in the evening anyway but it is very precious to me!  However, you’ll see in the previous picture that it is rather dark and the two sausages are refusing to go to bed because they are doing something ‘extremely important’.  When they are playing so nicely together it seems a shame to spoil their fun!

We went to Garson’s Farm a few days ago and met our friends there from  3 Kids and a Gluestick.  The girls especially loved picking raspberries and strawberries but the heat got too much for them eventually and we had to leave earlier than planned.


M has decided to continue doing ballet classes with her school friend, T, and they’re currently rehearsing for a show in October of Alice in Wonderland. D decided she didn’t want to do ballet after all so she sits with me and does an activity book while the class is on.

We’ve been to D’s swimming class (M didn’t even want to get in the water this week so it was a short visit) and D swam her first length unaided!!  M and I were whooping and punching the air on the side :).

One of the many perks of HE is that you can get discounted entry rates to most attractions.  So yesterday, J took the day off work and we all went to Legoland!  We had such a lovely day and the weather was perfect.


There have been lots going on inbetween all this of course, including chess; draughts; making a clock; drawing; learning about the world; learning about mucus in ‘The Sound of Mucus’; reading book 2 of ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’; listening to The Enormous Crocodile and Matilda audio books in the car; watching various films including The Artist, Tinkerbell & The Pirate Fairy, Peter Pan and Coraline; and playing outside in the garden!

20140625_065656 20140627_122806

A day indoors

We spent the day at Legoland yesterday and it was HOT.  33 degrees apparently.  It was crowded too.  Either thousands of privately educated and home-schooled children were there or there was a lot of truanting going on.  I think probably the latter.  So J and I gritted our teeth and got on with it.  The girls were fabulous.  We queued for over an hour to go on the log flume and they didn’t really grumble much.  For the last hour we went in a more sedate part of the park which had a carousel, a swing roundabout and a mini-ferris wheel.  The girls loved it and it was so much more relaxing than the noise and crowds everywhere else!  Sorry to grumble, we did have a nice family day out, it was just annoying to have so much heat and so many crowds, particularly during term-time.

Today is J’s birthday!  The girls had made him cards and we bought him packets of chocolate brazil nuts and a keyring with photos of the girls inside (well what do you get a man who doesn’t want anything?!).  He was quite chuffed :).  I won’t tell you his age but he says he’s 42.

Once J had gone off to work, M got on with a drawing for a Royal Mail Christmas stamp competition.  The theme was ‘what Christmas means to me’



She worked on it for a good few hours with a few breaks for playing with D and Piggy in the Middle.  The closing date is in a few days so I had to keep reminding her not to get drawn into tiny details in the picture and to just get on with it, quick!

Meanwhile, D did her first crossword!  She amazed me with her persistence to get it finished and looking good.  She did a bit of the spelling but mostly it was good for writing practise.





Then we went on to do some work on Reading Eggs while M continued with her drawing.  D can go on and on with Reading Eggs.  At one point she had her head on her arms but was refusing to stop because she was so eager to see her avatar move along the map showing her progress.  Her reading and mouse control have improved so much because of it.

M finished her drawing by lunchtime.  She did so well to stay on track and get it done on time.  This was the finished picture!



I persuaded them both to have a break and watch Peter Rabbit while I got the entry forms printed and filled out for the competition.  I also filled out forms for M’s first bank account!  She’s going to get £1 pocket money a week – half of that will be put into her account and the other half will be given to her.  She can spend the money in the bank if she wants to but we thought it would be good to get her used to saving.  Knowing M she will want to save!

After Peter Rabbit and some lunch we went out to post our letters then straight back home to keep out of the sun.  This afternoon was spent drawing cards for more birthdays next week.  D finished hers in half an hour and asked how to write the messages on the cards.  It was lovely to see her willingness to write as quite often she doesn’t want to do it.  M is half way through hers, she’s doing a lovely picture with watercolours.

Today my Ebay purchase arrived – Junior Scrabble!  I can’t wait to try it out on the girls.  We didn’t have time to play today but I did get the tiles out for D to play with while M was busy drawing.  She immediately asked me how to spell lots of sorts of words and had a go herself too!  I’m still trying to get my head around D: it seems to be that if she suspects she is being taught then she immediately doesn’t want to do it but if she initiates it then it’s ok?!



I still need to go through my subjects, contents and resources to get things clear in my head for the LEA and get some targets for us to work towards.  That will have to wait though as I will be busy packing for Scarborough over the next 2 days!  Yippee!!