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Art Class, Piano & the Tooth Fairy

I’ve had an interesting couple of days with the sausages.

D has restarted art class after a term’s break and absolutely loved it.  She obviously did miss me while there but I guess the fact that she’s with other children that she likes and doing art that she loves overrides that, which is just as it should be!  M was also pleased to be back but I get the feeling she gets more out of the actual art than the girls there, which is fine too.  In the car, I was noticing the difference when I asked them what they’d been doing – after school I would have had a vague “don’t know”, “I can’t remember” or “I’m not sure” – but this time M knew exactly what she’d been doing and could recount all the activities!  It may be because she wasn’t there for a whole day unlike in school but I think it’s also due to the fact that she is thoroughly enjoying herself and is engaged in what she’s doing.  I’m looking forward to seeing what they both produce this term!

In the car on the way home I began a conversation about prostitutes.  I thought it was high time since I’ve noted they’ve been alluded to in 3 films the girls have watched: Hook, Annie (the remake) and The Cat in the Hat.  M has been picking up on them in the films and asking me about them so I thought I would try and explain – I find the car is the easiest place to have long conversations and explanations!  She didn’t quite get the point of it all but I think I placed the thought well in her head and she will no doubt be mulling it over for the next year or so.

While in the car, M also decided on a ton of activities she wanted to do for the rest of the day, although there were so many I convinced her she could probably spend the next few days doing them.  They were: gardening, playing with the rabbits, playing Super Mario Bros, learning a new tune on the piano and helping me with my jobs!  I’m pleased she’s thinking about what she wants to do to fill her time as lately she’s seemed quite bored.

So that afternoon we all spent a few hours in the garden, preparing the girls’ plots for planting bulbs.  While gardening, I found some old poppy seed heads (tying in nicely to our seed conversation last week at the common).  M was delighted and spent a long time carefully pulling the heads apart and gathering the seeds together.  She was kind enough to share them with D and they both scattered them over their plots and watered them.


That evening I also convinced M to sign up to an online Minecraft school.  She was a little unsure about it but I reassured her that she could quit if she didn’t like it and that we would start on the easy course so she agreed.  I think D might also be interested since the first session is about the space race.

Today we’ve been doing all sorts.  I had planned to go to Morden Hall Park but D point blank refused to go out!  So that put paid to that idea.  M was disappointed, as was I, but I could see that D needed a full day at home (perhaps recovery time from the art class?) and she agreed to going out tomorrow instead.  D watched a lot of My Little Pony but she also made a den in the bedroom, played Minecraft with M, and made a map of Canterlot (from MLP) after watching a video on Mystery Science.  This is another ‘school’ I have enrolled for, thinking that M might get something out of it (and it’s free!) but actually having watched some of the videos I think it is more suited to D’s way of learning.  I watched a couple of them with D and she immediately wanted to draw the map of Canterlot after watching the ‘Why is North at the top of the Map?’ mystery.  All roads lead back to My Little Pony!

When M’s cousin A visited the other week, A taught M how to play Frere Jacques on the piano.  M did have a term of piano lessons at school but her perfectionist side really struggled with it – she couldn’t bear hitting a wrong note.  However, her teacher was sorry to lose her and said she was really talented and that there weren’t many 6 year olds that could read music, play the tune and sing the song at the same time.  So the girl obviously has talent!  Anyway, after telling me yesterday that she wanted to learn a new tune, I said I would show her how to play Jingle Bells.  I was dreading that it would all end in tears but although she did have a bit of a flop when she made a mistake, she persevered incredibly well and could just about copy the tune after 30 minutes (we’re not reading the music, I figured we’ll go down that road at a later date if she’s interested).  So all in all it was a very positive moment!

Surprisingly, most of today was spent with the girls collaborating on a new Minecraft world and then playing together on Super Mario Bros, with M trying to teach D what to do.  There were a few upsets but at the moment I’m trying really hard to untangle these arguments with D.  They tend to be started by D because she forgets to tell M what she really feels and then gets cross when M doesn’t understand where she’s coming from!


And finally, the major news is that D’s first tooth came out last night!  She is over the moon and was even more so to discover the Tooth Fairy really is real when she found 50p under her pillow this morning…