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The Big Bang Fair

We’ve been up in Nottingham the past few days so that we could attend the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham yesterday.  There are Big Bang Fairs all over the country but I wanted to try this one with it being the biggest!  I was told by a member of staff that 4000 children come each day, and boy could you tell…  The noise level was insane and you couldn’t get to a lot of the stands because of overcrowding.  We did miss out on a lot of stuff because of crowds unfortunately – there was a massive technology/robotic section that was very popular and I decided not to even try for one of the shows because the noise level made them unintelligible, so we stuck to the interactive stands.

All that being said, we had a good time and I think the sausages will be willing to go to another fair next year, albeit a smaller one.  We played with geometry puzzles, made tall towers out of newspaper rolls, played with molecular models and tons of other stuff.  The girls loved the puzzles more than anything and I got some great ideas for toys to buy them in the future.  The staff were lovely and very keen to talk to the girls about scientific and mathematical principles.  The ones we talked to were very pro home ed too, which was great. 🙂

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