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Mucus, Gloop and Other Activities

A quick post with a few pictures to show what we’ve been up to over the last few days with Aunty S…

The girls have been absolutely full of cold for quite a few days now and this was cause for D to get her body book out so she could tell Daddy all about mucus…


M has enjoyed playing with gloop…


We had a visit to Wimbledon Common…


M has spent a lot of time making plaster models by pushing toys into clay to make a mold then covering the clay with plaster of paris.  She has tried a dinosaur, a fairy and shells.  D pushed some bouncy balls into hers to make Mars and Jupiter.

M wanted to make up her own recipe so I put all our baking ingredients onto the kitchen table and let her loose.  I didn’t get a picture of the end result but I think she would agree it was pretty revolting!  D got straight to the point and made ‘chocolate soup’: it was made and drunk in minutes.

20140327_174316 20140327_175444

The glue gun arrived!  We used it to finish off D’s rocket…


The girls, M in particular are struggling quite a lot with their heavy colds but we’ve managed to have a really lovely, laid back time with Aunty S.


Center Parcs 2014!

We’re back from a wonderful 5 days at Longleat Center Parcs.  Lots of swimming, playing, cycling, eating, drinking and laughing.

Daddy's list of jobs to do before we set off...
Daddy’s list of jobs to do before we set off…
M lost another tooth!
M lost another tooth!
The sausages in our much-loved holiday home
The sausages in our much-loved holiday home

We spent hours and hours outside in the parks…

And ate A LOT of deserts…

And we wrote our favourite things about Center Parcs on the kitchen chalk board.

We had a lovely lovely time and can’t wait to go back again next year 🙂



An ‘Exciting’ Visit to a Roundabout

D has been longing to visit Tolworth roundabout for ages.  Yes, really.  We drive through it every week on the way to our Thursday group.  They’ve recently redeveloped it with trees, fencing and stripey pathways which is probably why D was attracted to it.  I needed to pick up a bit of food to see us through until we leave for Nottingham on Thursday so I suggested that we visit Tolworth roundabout while we’re out.

So the girls had a quick run around on the stripey pathways, marvelled at the fact that they were walking under a road in the subway and held their noses at all the delightful smells which came our way.  Bizarrely, they actually seemed to enjoy the trip!!


We’ve had a very lazy few days as the girls are still recovering from a very full on Friday at a friend’s birthday party and then a very late night celebrating their Nanny & Granddad’s wedding anniversary at a restaurant.

Mentally, I’m done.  I am ready for the Christmas holidays!  For the next few days I will be packing and sorting until we hit the road on Thursday.  I don’t have the brain power to think about projects or anything.  I just want to sit down with a glass of ginger wine and watch a movie.  However, we have got one more VERY exciting trip before we leave, I will leave you on tenterhooks until tomorrow…

One last thing, here is a picture of the Christmas lanterns the girls made the other day.  Gorgeous, aren’t they?


Painshill Park

Just a short post to say we had a lovely time at Painshill Park today.  The fog made it beautifully atmospheric.  We went on a hunt for Santa’s Grotto, which was led by a mad elf.

After all the walking, the girls were too cold and tired to continue after lunch so we went home, drank some hot chocolate and then headed out to swimming lessons.

Little things:

After reading a Wonderwise book in bed tonight, D told me that she would like to have seen a dinosaur rotting underground.

Space and Geocaching

D watched about 10 minutes of telly this morning before deciding she wanted to do something else.  So I got out some oil pastels and black paper and showed her a firework picture M had been creating the night before, to give her an idea of what she could do.  She immediately wanted to copy it and when I said she couldn’t because M would get cross (M hates D copying her ideas, work, anything at the moment) she decided she didn’t want to do fireworks and she was going to make a space picture instead.  Yesterday I gave her yellow, orange and red tissue paper to make a bonfire collage and she decided she’d rather make the big bang so I’m guessing her love of space is still there!

M continued making her firework picture after breakfast while D got on with a world map jigsaw.  The countries weren’t demarcated very clearly but she could identify quite a few just by their shape and position on the map.


M then moved on to playing with Lego and D asked Grandma if they could play schools.  So the teddies came out to sit and listen to Grandma-teacher!  Meanwhile, I was trying to put together an electrical bug to show the girls and failed miserably because I hadn’t brought blu-tack with me and had bought the wrong size batteries.  So then I thought I could show them a static electricity experiment using a tissue-paper snake.  I drew and cut them a spiral snake out each and the girls charged up a Tangle-Teaser and a plastic ruler on Granddad’s woolly jumper from c.1972.  It worked!

IMAG1036 IMAG1037

The girls were pleased but then spotted my packet of balloons and immediately wanted to play with them instead.  I tried to show M how to rub them on wool to create a static charge but she really wasn’t interested.  Clearly, neither were in the mood to be directed so I left them to it!


After that there was a bit of doctors and nurses…

IMAG1041 IMAG1044

And a bit of shops…


We did attempt to do a Geocaching hunt in the afternoon but it was a bit of a flop.  We found a cache hidden about 5 minutes away from the house so me, Grandma, M & D all went out to look for it.  It was a gorgeous day: really sunny and chilly.  D ran about through the leaves while M led us towards the cache, using the map on my phone.  She led us to the spot perfectly and we searched high and low but couldn’t find the canister anywhere!  Whether it had been taken or whether we were being rubbish I don’t know but we’ll have another go when we get back to London.

How Do You Say ‘Feeling Irritable’ in Sign Language?

I thought I had posted this yesterday but in my tiredness I must have imagined it!  So here is yesterday’s post…

I’ll start by talking about our weekend.  J took the girls off to Judo on Saturday morning (even though he looked like a broken man: I think he actually would have stayed at home if the girls had put up some resistance).  He was out in the afternoon so I looked after them.  I took the opportunity to get out a marble run that I had bought in a sale recently.  The girls adored it and spent hours playing with it.  M has an amazing capacity for following instructions when putting things together.  I consider myself to be quite good but she easily surpasses me.  I should hire her out to anyone struggling with their flat-pack furniture.  Could be a nice little earner.


Their Aunt Sh came over to play with them for an hour in the late afternoon and she showed M how to play with marbles the old-fashioned way.  M loved working out the scores and she was pretty good at hitting the marbles too.  Just before bed I got them started on an activity I read about in one of my Facebook groups – making sun-catchers out of PVA glue!  You fill a plastic lid with PVA glue, drop some food colouring in and then create a pattern with a cocktail stick.  I knew they would take a while to dry but we’re actually still waiting, 2 days later.  I will post a picture of them when they’re ready but these are the ‘before’ pictures.

IMAG0869 IMAG0870

On Sunday morning, while J was having a lie in, I showed the girls a YouTube video about wolves, taken from a BBC documentary.  M was fascinated (she has always had a fascination with wolves).  Then I showed them another film about minerals in space and dying stars from a Brian Cox documentary.  It was way over their heads (and mine!) but D insisted on watching it and then wanted to read her space books.


J got up and took them out to the park, then for a walk on Wimbledon Common, THEN they were back for half an hour before setting off again to spend 2 hours in the swimming pool.  Phew!  If J wasn’t a broken man on Saturday morning then he certainly was by Sunday night.  He needs a holiday.  Maybe from us, haha.

Today was a bit less uneventful but then they can’t live life at full throttle every day (J: take note).  For me, the painters and decorators were in/Aunt Flo was visiting etc., whatever euphemism you want to use, I felt like crap this morning and would have crawled back to bed if I could.  I was seriously irritable.  So M got on with some junk modelling while D played with her toys and did some colouring.  At about 10.30 after some coffee and a lovely piece of flapjack I had cheered up a bit and started to prepare lunches, snacks and everything else we need whenever we leave the house.

This afternoon we went to our HE meet up in Chelsea.  The craft this week was making those squashy stress balls out of balloons and lentils.  Very weird to feel and the girls loved making them.  Then the girls wanted to do some sewing but for one reason or another the right equipment wasn’t there.  They were so keen to make something that I will definitely get my fabric out soon.

After that it was time for a sign language lesson given by a profoundly deaf man and his interpreter.  M loved it but unfortunately it was more for older children and not really suitable for D.  She quickly began to flop and yawn while sitting on my knee so I sat her on another chair and asked her (in a cross whisper) to be polite, even if she was tired/bored whatever.  She quickly decided she did want to sit nicely so came back onto my knee again.  What a monkey.  The couple were asking the children to come up in pairs to sign a conversation: D did do it but with zero interest.  M on the other hand was very keen to have a go.  We left straight after the lesson and had a very windy and tired walk back to the car park.

IMAG0873 IMAG0874

This evening while the girls were eating their dinner I asked them what they would like to do next in home-schooling.  M came up with a very interesting list, including building, exploring, flying a kite, going on the London Eye, learning how a telly works and other things too.  D wasn’t too sure but liked my suggestions of painting and Reading Eggs.  She then insisted on writing ‘Numberjacks game’ on the list… very sweet.


Little things:

D playing the Numberjacks app this morning while I made breakfast – she was giggling away to herself because she was so pleased she knew the answers to the sums.  She then got her Arithmasticks out to help her with the answers she didn’t know.  Clever girl.

Just had an interesting bed-time chat with M after she asked how people become poor.  I gave her several reasons but she was intrigued as to why education mattered…  Hopefully a seed has been sown…


We had a VERY slow start today, even by our standards.  The girls were playing so nicely that I didn’t want to disturb the peace (when I went up to see what they were doing they were breathing on the bedroom window and drawing faces – simple pleasures!).  So I got 2 hours of house work done and then at 10 I asked if they wanted to do some cutting and sticking (a sneaky way of getting them to do some work) and they were very keen.  So we made a chart showing saturated and unsaturated fats; a wheel with a rainbow of fruit and veg on it that the girls drew and coloured in; and some little booklets all about vitamins.  All this will eventually get stuck into our nutrition lapbooks.

The girls wanted to go on and on with it but I had to stop them for lunch and then we went off to Kew to meet a home-ed group there.  We had a wonderful time!  I haven’t been there for about 10 years and the girls have never been.  They really liked it (despite the look on D’s face) and M found an enormous fir cone which she is going to decorate with fir leaves to make a Christmas decoration.

I saw a new development in M at Kew today – she was initially shy in telling adults her name but later on was running off to pick blackberries and offering them around everyone in the group (about 10 Mums in total) and talking to other Mums about the fir cone she found.  I was very proud.  I keep reading that this is one of the major benefits of home-ed: that children learn to communicate with a wide range of ages, rather than just children of their own age in school.

I had lovely chats with the Mums too which was great.  We will definitely be going back!